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    BLIND ITEM!!!!

    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    My first Blind Item…

    Which triple threat is rumored to be involved with a Midwest hip-hop star? They have been spotted everywhere together and they both have hits on urban radio--things seem to have fallen into place romantically. Both have been caught showing each other affection in public and sources fear if they aren't careful people will become suspicious!

    This triple threat is successful in the music industry, but more successful on the silver screen. The other had a major falling out with a top southern rapper who inevitably got him permanently booted from this particular rapper's entourage.

    **Please don’t email me asking me who it is. That’s what makes it a blind item, but I love to hear your comments.



    By L.T. Dinwiddie
    Get your copy of the new Hip-Hop Weekly magazine that hits stores Monday.




    By L.T. Dinwiddie
    There is whole lot of sh*t going down at Virgin Records right about now. I got word from a VERY reliable source that MTV has lifted the ban on Janet citing a recent story that ran on a very popular and noted entertainment news website panachereport.com. In their report they concluded that though MTV cut Janet off, they in fact gave support to another female pop artist (who shall remain nameless on this site, but sniff around its not hard to find out) airplay, despite the fact that this artist was sent to prison for sex trafficking.While the Janet ban lift remains to be seen, it's still going down over at Virgin.

    Email I recieved
    Okay, I spoke to XXX while Janet was right next to him, and there's a lot of sh8t going on. OMG, I'm like shaking typing this. Janet and XXX want me to spread the word. She needs our help.

    First and foremost, let me say that there will be a tour no matter what. Virgin got a "talking to", and no matter what --- she is going to tour. There's a contract supporting this. They cannot pull out on the project by law.

    Janet wants everyone to call Virgin when you get a chance or EMail, but calling is the most efficient. Leaves messages! The people we need to be contacting are David Munz and Jason Flam.

    The reason for the album not doing well is Virgin is not at all supporting her on the Pop side of things. Jermaine has been doing his job by promoting Urban, but Virgin is not - I repeat - not supporting her on Pop.

    The reason? Janet isn't resigning with them. Their attitude now is, "She's leaving us. Why support her?"

    The most crazy/shocking thing is--

    Janet has been paying for everything. Flights, Dancers, Band, Hotels....EVERYTHING! Virgin hasn't paid for a thing. All of this has been coming out of her own pocket. She's happy that she came in at #2, and it means a lot to her, because it was all of her work/money as well as JDs work on Urban..

    Shout out to Cee Cee for the information and you to MP!


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    **This Just In***** Just days away from completing his debut Broadway run in "Chicago," Usher is pulling out of the show under doctor's orders. The singer has been diagnosed with an "extreme" case of strep throat, his manager/mother announced Thursday afternoon (October 12).

    Did Mariah Carey pose nude for a popular men’s magazine recently? That’s what mediatakeout.com is reporting and for the first time in a long time I actually believe them. I mean the proof is in the photo. Not very diva Mimi!!

    Michael Jackson continues to be outraged at the photographs depicting him in women's clothes. He denies the person in the photo is him and he angrily states, 'I have not been dressing as a woman.' His rep says, "Mr. Jackson has not visited St. Tropez in recent years nor has he donned a woman's hat and pumps for disguise." Breaking News: It has been confirmed that the photos of Michael are "fake." Allegedly, a paparazzi photographer doctored the photos and sold them to various news outlets for an astronomical fee to publish.(Thanks M.P.)

    Im not signed to Rockafella, Im signed to Def Jam. I dont have a Rockfella chain. Those are the words of Nas in an exclusive interview with Allhiphop.com

    Alright now, Amerie has a new song out. I like Amerie, she really is talented in her own right. Listen can she tear up the stage like Beyoncé or Janet, not really. But she does stay in her lane and make it work for her, absolutely. I loved that damn “It’s Just One Thing” feat. Eve. I played that song out. Her new song is called ‘Take Control’ and I think it’s hot. I don’t think it will get much radio play, but its still good to listen to while your at work. Amerie-"TAKE CONTROL"

    My boy freezefiyah from HHNLIVE has found the new Tupac single -“Pacs Life” feat. Ashanti and T.I. I don’t care for Ashanti but beat maker L.T. Hutton did his thing. I love how Afeeni Shakur, Tupac's mother, has successfully accomplished the daunting task of keeping Tupac a relevant topic in hip-hop. Unlike Puffy did with Notorious B.I.G. Ten years later and Tupac is still on the tips of a lot of people’s tongues. From his Makaveli clothing line, to albums and even the The Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts, Afenni has been a pioneer much like Priscilla Presley did with Elvis. Tupac-"Pac's Life

    If you’re ever in Atlanta, GA you should stop by The Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain. It’s an inspirational center where you can absorb everything Tupac. TUPAC CENTER WEBSITE

    It seems to be a bitter sweet moment for Benzino and others at the moment. As Benzino gets ready to launch his new Hip Hop Weekly magazine next week, he is in court this week addressing allegations of sexual harassment from his previous “hip-hop bible” magazine The Source.

    Former Source employee Michelle Joyce took the stand and tells the jury of how pornographic pictures, X-rated girl-on-girl videos and a hostile work environment were the norm at the Park Avenue offices. FULL STORY

    Random Thought…

    Did anyone watch “Beef” last night on BET? If you missed it let me tell you that you need to set your TIVO to
    make sure that you don’t miss another one. In last nights episode they discussed the evolving beef with Dame Dash and Jay-Z. I personally hadn’t paid much attention that situation when it was going down (hey I have my own life), but it was good to get the information last night. So who thinks that Jay-Z is wrong for ending his business relationship (among other things) with the man who was solely responsible for Jay-Z’s initial success in hip-hop?

    Then I was shocked when I heard that Jackie O from Miami served a serious beat down to Foxxy Brown. I had heard that they had words, but I didn’t know it got physical, DAMN!!!!
    It’s good that Foxxy got served when she did. I personally don’t like that chick anymore. It’s like after a few years of the foolishness you have to move on. She’s washed up and use’s the media to keep her name out there with bullsh*t. I don’t care what none of you all say, that chick aint deaf.

    After a few years off, both Jay-Z and Diddy are releasing new music, both hoping to engineer triumphant comebacks. Clearly they’re not in the same league. But it’s no coincidence that nearly a decade after both of them became stars, they’re still in the same game. FULL STORY

    The driver of a truck that critically injured Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has been issued a summons for making an improper turn. FULL STORY

    The Game said in a recent radio interview that “The Doctors Advocate" is the biggest album in hip-hop right now. It’s going to be the biggest album in hip-hop history.” What is he out of his mind? You want to hear something funny? The Game drops his album the same day that Jay-Z drops ‘Kingdom Come’ talk about career suicide.LISTEN TO AUDIO

    Bow Wow and Chris Brown's new song 'Shorty Like Mine' is out. I dont get into kiddie rap but I know some of my hot readers love them some Bow Wow.

    Last July at the Television Critics Association Press Conference in Pasadena, Jada Pinkett Smith hinted around at a new project that she and her husband Will were pitching to the networks, but she refused to elaborate for fear of jinxing the process. It’s now been confirmed that CBS has given a put pilot commitment to the project, which hails from CBS Paramount Network TV and Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment. FULL STORY


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    Am I the only man who hasn’t made any correlation to Justin Timberlake’s ‘SexyBack’ and homosexuality? Recently in an exclusive interview with Blender magazine Timberland addresses the issue that some men have had about the context of the popular song.

    "Some people listen to a song like 'SexyBack' and think, am I queer?Am I funny? If you are that way, you're just that way. But if you're a masculine man, embrace it. Have a glass of wine, put the record on, and invite your girl over to get sexy."

    Ok first off “wine”, what the hell! Secondly out of everything I have heard about Justin and his music, I haven’t heard anything remotely close to ‘SexyBack’ being perceived as gay. It makes you wonder where the hell does Timbaland hang out, that he would hear such a thing.FULL STORY


    This is as "Hot and Black" as you could get. Adina Howard had this explosive and sexy song back in the day, and I for one would salivate in front of the television. She was very sexy! This is my pick for the "Throw Black Thursday". Is there a video that you want to see next week? Leave a comment and I will see what I can do.


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    Relax everybody there wasn't a terroist attack in NYC, it was just an unfortunate accident.

    If anyone believes that Brandy and Project Runway contestant Micheal Knight are dating, you seriously need to check your “dar”. I’m not hating on either of them, I think Michael is a damn good designer and I admit it- I watched the show (what?). And its because I watched the show that I know that there is no way Michael could/would be interested in soft and pink Brandy Norwood. He needs someone hard and black. I’m trying to say it without saying, so read between the lines.
    Thanks to Sandra Rose for the picture.
    Speaking of Michael Knight...

    Friend in my head, fellow Blogger and author of the forthcoming novel Ball-Shaped World, has recently sat down to talk to Michael in an exclusive interview for BlackPlanet. Check it out! MICHAEL KNIGHT

    If this is Michael Jackson then I am done! There are no words in the English language to describe how bizarre he is. The man is wearing high heel for god sakes. MICHAEL JACKSON TRANNY PICTURES

    In the words of Beyonce:'Cause everything I see is you And I don't want no substitute Baby I swear it's Deja Vu'! Some people have too much time on their hands LOL. Its pretty funny, but I dont think this is how the Hip-Hop Weekly magazine is going to look. It's defitenly not hip-hop with a Olsen twin on the cover. Make sure to check out the new magazine which hits newstands next monday, October 16th which will feature articles by Wendy Williams, Star and Buc Wild.

    Citing his "vulgar" lyrics, Chinese officials canceled rapper Jay-Z's debut in Shanghai later this month. "Some of Jay-Z's songs contain too much vulgar language," a promoter named Sun Yun was quoted as saying in the Shanghai Daily, and as a result the scheduled Oct. 23 gig at the Hongkou Stadium has been unceremoniously dropped. Of course, the standard of vulgarity for the Chinese appears to be fluid: the Rolling Stones and Black Eyed Peas have been allowed to perform in the country. I guess Hova isn’t loved by everyone.

    Speaking of Jay-Z...

    We got another Jay-Z leak. ‘Kingdome Come’ has leaked onto the radio and it’s hot! I know I said before that Jay should have stayed retired, but as long as he puts material like this out. I’m in his corner. I’m actually hyped to hear this album in its entirety (I’m so fickle), but is it me or does this song sound familiar?KINGDOM COME

    Speaking of Kingdome Come..

    Jay-Z's comeback album, "Kingdom Come," has been confirmed for a Nov. 21 release date via Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam. The video for the single "Show Me What You Got" debuts Oct. 16; the track's official radio add date isn't until next week but based on early airplay of a leaked version, it is poised for a major debut on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. FULL STORY

    In support of her upcoming sophomore set Ciara: The Evolution, due Dec. 5 via La Face/Zomba Label Group, Ciara will embark on a 16-city club tour. The trek kicks off Oct. 26 in Washington, D.C., and wraps up Dec. 10 at New York's Nokia Theatre Times Square. FULL STORY

    Oct. 26: Washington, D.C. (Love)
    Oct. 28: Allentown, Pa. (Crocodile Rock)
    Nov. 1: Toronto (Guvernment)
    Nov. 3: Indianapolis (Vogue)
    Nov. 4: Milwaukee, Wis. (The Rave)
    Nov. 5: Chicago (House of Blues)
    Nov. 7: Denver (Fillmore Auditorium)
    Nov. 9: Park City, Utah (Harry O's)
    Nov. 11: Claremont, Calif. (Claremont College)
    Nov. 12: San Diego (House of Blues)
    Nov. 13: Anaheim, Calif. (House of Blues)
    Nov. 15: Seattle (Moore Theatre)
    Nov. 18: Las Vegas (House of Blues)
    Nov. 19: Tempe, Ariz. (Marquee Theatre)
    Dec. 7: Atlanta (Center Stage)
    Dec. 10: New York (Nokia Theatre)

    Thanks to JuicyNews for the picture
    This goes back to my argument I posted Monday regarding Kanye and the Gay rumors and how one should avoid questionable fashion selections, when you're not masculine enough to pull them off. You should also avoid being photographed with the same sex in doing anything that will make people turn their head to the side and say "ummm hmmm" Raz-B former member of B2K might want to listen to me as well. If you don’t know I write for Clik magazine and I interviewed Raz-B back in August and he categorically denied any allegations that he is of the homosexual persuasion. Whether I believe him or not is irrelevant just observe the picture and you decide. **I realize that I am being a bit dramatic about the picture, but hell there isn’t anything else to talk about at the moment, so hell I just decided to add more fuel to the fire.

    Oh Please....

    OUTKAST rapper ANDRE 3000 always carries a gun with him because he would rather protect himself than be surrounded by bodyguards. The HEY YA! rapper - real name ANDRE BENJAMIN - insists carrying a fireman is a necessary precaution in the US, and he intends to buy his nine-year-old son SEVEN a gun when he's old enough. Andre sit down somewhere, nobody cares!!

    After three days in jail, Jadakiss is on his way home.The rapper, who was arrested Saturday morning on gun and drug-possession charges in Yonkers, New York, called in to New York radio station Hot 97 Tuesday (October 10) and spoke to host Angie Martinez to tell his fans he's OK.FULL STORY

    The launch of P. Diddy's YouTube channel Diddy TV has been met with severe opposition from the site's online community.Diddy TV's association with Burger King is the main bone of contention, a move many see as paving the way for mass commercialisation of the video hosting site. The Bad Boy Records' head's video post on Youtube.com launching the channel has received nearly two thousand comments from other YouTube users, with many of them being negative.FULL STORY

    So I guess Celebrity Fit Club didnt work for Angie Stone. Talk about a wide load. Am I being insensitive? I dont think I am comfortable with calling Angie "wide load". Hhhmm maybe I should sleep on it.
    Thanks to Crunk&Disoderly for the picture


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    Talk about a Billboard charts shake up, even I didn’t see this happening. Goth Band Evanescence debuts at number one this week knocking Ludacris from number one, to number six with a with a 66% percent drop selling a meager 108,000 copies, while Justin Timberlake holds strong with a one spot climb from 4 to 5 selling 115,000 more copies of his sophomore album.

    Monica made an impressive debut seeing that her first single “Everytime The Beat Drop” failed to generate radio airplay outside of cit of Atlanta. The Making Of Me debuted at #8 selling around 93,000 copies. But the biggest upset that I am sure will shock a lot of people is Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re Nasty. Janet Jackson got the hit the hardest because her album 20 Y.O dropped a staggering 77% as she is moved from 2 to 12 selling 69,750 copies. I hate to say this but usually when albums make strong sales their first week and then have a dramatic sales decrease just 1 week later, that usually means that they had help. Could Virgin Records or Jermaine Dupri have had a hand in Janet selling almost 300k records her first week? Well we will never know but that’s what it’s looking like. Ludacris your not in the clear I see you too! The same thing could have happen with him, but I thought Janet had a strong enough fan base to sustain this album and take it all the way to platinum status, but I guess not. Who knew that MTV could be so powerful, Damn them!!!

    **These are all preliminary numbers, the “official” numbers won’t be out until later on today, but don’t expect a big difference. You know who got you the information first.

    Sales figures courtesy of hitsdailydouble.com


    Myra Panache has some Blind Items for us. Can you guess who they are?

    I once heard this black female singer on the radio being interviewed, during the interview, she mentioned, how she bonded with other black women and how she supported sisterhood and how black women should respect themselves and each other. What a phony. Her former personal assistant recently contacted me and relayed the following.

    This singer is manipulative and tries to use her celebrity status to steal her friend's boyfriends and she usually sleeps with men on the first date and she became involved in a sexual triangle.

    A male and female singer were involved, the public was never informed why they broke up, they broke up because the other female singer caught "our female singer" in bed with her man. So much for sisterhood and bonding.

    She also has a taste for drugs and is a functional addict. When her royalty checks come through, her drug dealer feels like he hit the lotto. He used some of the proceeds to put a down payment on a condo.

    She even offered her former assistant double pay if she would go and pick up her drugs on occasion. The assistant did it once because of the money, she was so nervous, paranoid and terrified, she vowed never to go back. She would quit after she found a better gig.

    Hints: The singer is "NOT" Whitney Houston or Macy Gray and she's in the same musical genre as the "former singing couple" (triangle) she came between.


    By L.T. Dinwiddie
    I am not the biggest Usher fan in the world, but I know a lot of my readers are. I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows that Usher is currently doing a stint in the musical Chicago, but what you might not know is that Usher has missed several shows recently due to a bout with the Flu and his fans are pissed!. Fans have lined the streets near the Ambassador Theater each night demanding refunds after discovering his understudy would be performing. Word has it that his doctor has ordered him to be on bed rest the remainder of the week (Wednesdays are his night off anyway) and that he may not return to the stage at all. FULL STORY

    Ladies Ladies Ladies have I got some news for you concerning your favorite young rapper Bow Wow. Bow is looking for some “shorties” to be in his DVD. If you got what it takes to be the short mans “shorty” go here. FULL STORY

    Random Rumor…

    103.5 The Beat Miami is reporting that Trina may have signed with Def-Jam, and why that doesn’t surprise me, the price tag they paid for her is a reported 5 million dollars. Now I don’t know who in their right mind would believe that self proclaimed “Baddest Bitch” would ever fetch such a price. Give me a break!! DMX signed to Columbia for 5 million after a string hit albums and singles. Don’t believe that hype people and Trina, sit down somewhere.

    Music veteran and “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson has inked an exclusive, multiyear overall production deal with Warner Bros. Television’s low-cost division to develop and produce a variety of projects – from reality shows to one-hour dramas. FULL STORY

    With all the drama that's going down over Janet Jackson album sales, she obviously isn’t hurting for money these days. Msnbc is reporting that Janet has been probing around Manhattan for an apartment to share with her mega producer beau Jermaine within the price range of 30 million dollars. It would seem that with all the negative media attention Janet has received for her album failing to generate a number one single or a number one position atop the Billboard charts, she is laughing all the way to the bank. FULL STORY

    People are still interviewing snap music artist (LOL)Monica, but I can’t understand why? Her album came out last week, but after two extremely uninspiring singles I can guarantee you The Making of Me will be a commercial failure. I wonder if Clive regrets signing her. FULL STORY

    DMX is in trouble again over this motor vehicle. Why doesn’t he just hire a driver?FULL STORY

    American Idol winner Ruben Studdard confirms that he has lost 100lbs!! Studdard says that he is now a vegetarian and is on a 1,200-1,500-calorie diet. Shout out to Ruben for tackling that gargantuan struggle (sorry I couldn’t resist). The boy has pipes but his weight gets in the way of him becoming a true star. I hope he gets it all off. Looks aside, it just isn’t a healthy to carry around all that weight. FULL STORY

    Oprah Winfrey was in NYC Monday night and it seems that everything is going OK in her life. If you watch The Oprah Winfrey Show then you know that Oprah is an emotional eater. If things are going badly in her life she puts on a lot of weight. But by the looks of these photos, things seem to be going just fine. MORE PICTURES HERE

    Shaheem Reid from MTV sat down with Nas recently to listen to exclusive tracks from his upcoming album Hip Hop is Dead. In Nas own words he say’s: "All respect to all rappers on Def Jam, I love the label," Nas said. "Without disrespect, I'm about to be the craziest sh-- on Def Jam. But that should go without saying." FULL STORY

    What a shocker Diddy didn’t writer his previous albums are you surprised, I know I’m not! FULL STORY Be sure to check out my review on "Press Play"

    I just love how mainstream columnists are so late in their reporting on black media. Who was the one who reported on Outkast’s Idlewild soundtrack being a flop? Me! I started that story and most importantly I followed up every week after that letting everybody know that Outkast was “out” of touch with this last project and now six weeks later Jim Farber from New York Daily News is reporting on it, go figure! FULL STORY

    Shout out to Nahright.com for finding this video of Jada Kiss on video. As you all know he got arrested over the weekend and now there is some visual to the situation.



    Late Friday evening October 20, was the premiere of The Wendy Williams Experience on VH1. If you’re a fan of the rambunctious loud mouth, and self proclaimed “queen of all media” then I’m sure you were on your perch tuning in to see all the “How doing”, “Alright” and “Owww’ that you’ve come to love or hate about Wendy Williams. The show is unquestionably a vehicle for Wendy to enhance and broaden her fan base, however, Wendy’s televised experience left much to be desired. Firstly, it’s a grueling task to cram a four hour show (five if you’re in the New York City area) into only thirty minutes. Obviously the best efforts were made to make her debut episode pop with excitement and curiosity, but this first experience of the "Experience" fizzled like Janet Jackson’s latest CD! Nonetheless, the entire show wasn’t a bomb and there were still positive moments of the show.

    What’s Good:

    The greatest thing about the show is that you finally get to see Wendy Williams in all her glory. When you listen to her comedic banter over the airwaves you miss out on all her inflections and high-octane enthusiasm. While watching the show, I did feel part of the experience. She’s fun, carefree and possesses a youthful spirit. In this particular episode Wendy is filmed rolling down the hallway in four-inch heels while her long, blond weave remained in tact. I can see why many people, (including herself) compare her to that of a drag queen, everything about her is bigger then life -- her delivery is interesting to hear and watch, her style is unique, and she is unforgettable the moment you see her.

    What could Improve:

    The one thing that I immediately noticed along with three friends, who are also Wendy Williams’s fans, was how small and cramped the studio appears to be. The show also moved too fast, it goes from celebrity interviews to a portion of advice, and then quickly to celebrity gossip – each segment is no more than two minutes. If you don’t know the format of the show you would be completely lost.

    We can’t talk about The Wendy Williams Experience and not address the overwhelming amount of pink that filled the room. Wendy has so much pink in her studio you would’ve thought that Pepto Bismal was a major sponsor for the show. Another thing I noticed was Wendy’s sidekick Charlamagne The God (who I won’t ignore -- although it seems VH1 did). As a viewer you really couldn’t connect with him because he played his position as more of a backdrop rather than a sidekick or co-hot. I hope that as the show progresses he will receive more air time.

    Whether you hate or it or love it, Wendy is showing all of us that she is a woman who is making her unforgettable mark on media. Call her a bitch, call her nosy, call her a drag queen, but you cannot call her a bad business woman. Let’s all hope this show gets all the kinks worked out so that we can have our weekly dose of “The Experience”.

    The Wendy Williams Experience airs Friday nights at 11:30pm on VH1.


    By L.T. Dinwiddie
    What used to be the driving force in hip-hop – Bad Boy Records, is now one of the biggest jokes. But Luckily for Puffy, Yung Jock and Block Entertainment has breathed new life into the diminishing record label, though it doesn't look like Bad Boy will ever be the top tier recording company it once was. Despite that fact Puffy is still soaring within the Fashion and Cosmetics industries with Sean John and Unforgivable, but he still isn’t satisfied as he is attempting to reclaim his status as a rapper and entertainer with Press Play.

    Press Play is pretty much an all featured album. Puffy doesn’t go at it alone as today’s hottest and most notable talents all get on board to help him out. Christina Aguilera, Nicole Scherzinger, Big Boi, Scar, Ciara, Twista, Nas and CeeLo just to name a few, all appear on Press Play. The album starts off good with a freestyle testimonial, but it gets shaky after that. Songs like “I Am” and “The Future” seem to be more like musical interludes rather then individual songs. They just fill in the space until you get to hot tracks like “Hold Up” and “Come to Me” feat. Nicole S. Press Play pulls on a lot of different influences. You can here the southern vibe on “Wanna Move” feat Ciara, Big Boi and Scar, and you can also feel the club vibe on “Diddy Rock” feat. Twista, and Shawnna. I am also feeling the 80’s vibe on “Special Feeling”. What’s funny to me is how when I heard “Everything I Love” feat CeeLo and Nas a few days ago I didn’t like it, but on the album I’m feeling it. It flows very well right after the “Claim My Place” interlude.

    If you read my online column often then you know I am not the biggest Puffy fan and though I hate to admit it, this album is fiyah. But the only reason its good is because of all the guest appearances on the project. If you have to get damn near every popular artist to appear on your album to make it hot, then that speaks highly of your own talent. With all that said, I tip my hat off to Puffy for having the ability to show us all that he is still has the skills to put out a good album.The entire production of Press Play is hot. I will be sure to keep my copy of Press Play close to me for the next few weeks, but I will file it under a different name in my Ipod to avoid being jumped by my boi’s.



    W.B. - Worth Buying
    B.L.-Bootleg It-$5.00
    D.L.-Own it, but on the Low
    NXT-Next Album Please (Whack!)
    **Disclaimer-B.L (Bootleg) is a metaphor. O1LT.com does not encourage the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted material.

    Track Listing

    1. Testimonial (Intro) - Diddy
    2. We Gon' Make It - Diddy, Jack Knight
    3. I Am (Interlude) - Diddy
    4. Future - Diddy
    5. Hold Up - Diddy
    6. Come to Me - Diddy, Nicole Scherzinger
    7. Tell Me - Christina Aguilera, Diddy
    8. Wanna Move - Feat. Big Boi, Ciara, Scar
    9. Diddy Rock - Feat. Timbaland Twista, Shawnna,
    10. Claim My Place (Interlude) - Feat. Avant
    11. Everything I Love - Feat. Nas and CeeLo
    12. Special Feeling - Mika Lett
    13. Crazy Thang (Interlude) - Diddy,
    14. After Love - Feat. Keri
    15. Through the Pain (She Told Me) - Feat. Mario Winas
    16. Thought You Said - Feat. Brandy
    17. Last Night - Keyshia Cole, Diddy
    18. Making It Hard - Mary J. Blige, Diddy
    19. Partners for Life - Diddy, Jamie Foxx


    By L.T. Dinwiddie
    ***Yesterday I posted a story on Jay-z and the “unknown leak” incident that supposedly had Def Jam very upset. I personally felt it was bullsh*t but I was so busy trying to get myself ready for the holiday that I didn’t give my readers the real story. Friend in my head_____educated me on how important it is to speak the truth from how I see it. I am sure a lot of you guys come here because I keep it real. There are tons of media outlets you can go to get information, but you come to O1LT.com and I appreciate it.

    To address the “Show Me What You Got” premeditated debacle. It is my belief that there was no leak from within their company. The track leak was planted plain and simple. If you think about it, how did all the radio stations get it so fast and have it in heavy rotation by Friday afternoon, that’s not how leaks work! It is my belief that Def Jam wanted this song released much earlier then originally planned. Expect for the music video to be out very soon! Nice try Def-Jam, but maybe if you spent more time developing your artists and holding them to a higher artistic integrity you might not need to pull these marketing schemes to drum up interest. I am not going to lie, Just Blaze did his thing, especially with the “Public Enemy” sample, but Jay-Z should have stayed retired!!

    The story on meditakeout.com about Havoc from Mobb Deep having a personal ad on wealthymen.com is ridiculous. So what homeboy wants a little companionship, who cares? To be honest with you, people can make up fake profiles all the time. If you notice his profile all the information says “Unverified”. I took the time today to set up a fake profile just to see how far I could go with it and within minutes I had a fake profile setup and I was surfing the website.I love mediatakeout.com for their interesting stories, but they can go too far sometimes, and I just love how they tried to connect him to homosexuality in a round about way.FULL STORY

    Snoop Dogg obviously has a new album out, because he is talking sh*t about people. In a recent interview with Ahh.com, Snoops says: "I could be the king of New York right now if I wanted to be. Who is it, Jay-Z and 50, that’s it? Them my lil’ homeboys. If you wanna keep it real, I could be the King of mothaf**kin’ New York and mash on n***as. But I got my hand out in peace and love because I’m a grown man and I understand that when I make peace with Jay-Z and make peace with 50 and I sincerely love them and treat them with respect and love all their homeboys, I get more out of it". Now is it me or was that a back handed compliment? All this from a guy who was scared sh*tless when Suge was after him. I know you guys remember that drama don’t you? FULL STORY

    A passenger from the Cassidy’s car accident is talking.FULL STORY

    Hold on to your seats everyone, Diddy TV is here. Puffy recently linked up with Youtube and Burger King to bring us a new marketing campaign that I am sure he hopes brings him a multi platinum album. I wasn’t aware that people cared enough about Diddy to watch him on TV, but I’m not 14 anymore, so I don’t know what the kids are into these days, "Diddy TV" launched yesterday (Oct. 7). Viewers received a personal message from the mogul, as well as exclusive access to music tracks and video clips from his upcoming album Press Play. FULL STORY

    It’s my opinion that Kanye West is going to have do a lot better with his wardrobe selections if he wants to dispel the gay rumors that constantly follow him, and for god sake’s put down the damn lollipops!!!

    I have stood in Kanye’s corner in the past, but I am slowly starting to look at him with a sideways stare. His fashion selections are becoming more and more suspicious and I fear that his “engagement” to his female counterpart might start to be questioned more if he continues to dress this way. I personally feel that the only people who can wear anything feminine or “trendy” are men who have so much “man” in their swagger that you couldn’t question their sexuality, even if you wanted to. People like Snoop Dog can wear a perm and have his hair flowing over his left eye and that's OK, because he’s got so much pimp in his step you know that its just apart of the act.

    West Coast rapper Mack 10 can wear pig tails because again, you know damn well that he doesn’t get down like that. But Kanye my brutha, you might want to lose the "couture" digs. Just a suggestion!!

    Speaking of Gay…….allegedly

    Not to knock his performance, because it was kinda hot, but Farnsworth really needs to put down the damn umbrella and mirror. Sometimes people just ask to be picked on, I mean seriously!!

    I used to post music every Monday, but I found that I got played out really quick. I have decided to post a few new tracks that I found online. Check them out if you want!


    Mario-“How Do I Breathe”


    Jennifer Hudson-“And I Am Telling You”

    HBO is finalizing a deal with BET to make the black-oriented cable channel the syndicated home of its critically acclaimed original series The Wire. According to the Associated Press, the pact allows HBO, which recently ordered a fifth and final season of the drama series, to give BET all five seasons of The Wire, - which is currently four episodes into its fourth season - amounting to a total of 62 episodes

    Lil' Kim might return to the not-so-lil' screen soon enough, since she's inked a deal with International Creative Managament (ICM), a company that represents artist in film and television, among other fields. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Notorious K.I.M. has recently signed with ICM, which represents artists in film, television, commercials, lectures, music and performance, and has offices in Beverly Hills, New York and London.FULL STORY

    Is it me or am I the only who finds the “rapper, clothing line” thing tired? Can we get some originality people?? *Note I know Nick Cannon isn’t considered to be a rapper by most, but that’s what allhiphop.com is calling him so we can with that today, I’m too tired to fight it!FULL STORY

    Shout out to polygamist Akon. He has made billboard history with his new song “Smack That” The singer/producer's latest single rose from No. 95 to No. 7 on last week's Billboard Hot 100 singles chart--the largest surge in Billboard's 48-year history.

    Someone has posted a video of Big Pun supposedly pistol whipping his wife. I will not post the video on my site, because I can’t really see the video well enough to verify if it’s him or not. And since he’s not around to ask, then I will just post a link. Check it out Big Pun Pistol Whips Wife Pt.1 Big Pun Pistol Whips Wife Pt.2

    Malik Yoba has joined the cast of NBC's midseason drama series "Raines," which stars Jeff Goldblum as an eccentric, brilliant cop who talks to dead victims who help him solve his crimes. Shout out to Malik! FULL STORY

    I mean its obvious his hairline is fake, or “altered” check out the pictures. My question is which is crooked, his hair or his sunglasses?

    Ladies (and some Men) I found this picture on another site last week and I figured my readers would enjoy it. Terry Crews of Everybody Hates Chris and White Chicks fame posed for this picture for the White Chicks character. It might not be a good idea at work!! Not for nothing the man does have nice feet (No Homo).

    Thanks Crunk&Disorderly

    As I am sure you know by now Star “Damn” Jones” and Gal Reynolds are in Miami. I had advised all the mothers in the city to lock up their son’s, but it’s gotten worse. Star has decided to put on a bikini, and lawd have mercy there is hanging skin everywhere!! But its still a lot better then it used to be. Or is it??
    Thanks YBF


    Jawn Murray posted an intresting blind item on his BV Buzz...Can you guess who it is?

    I hear a certain pretty-boy rapper had an international altercation with a promoter and almost ended up in a Dallas Austin-like predicament. The incident occurred with said hip hopper and a promoter, who happens to also be a former associate of the rapper's old label president. When the promoter failed to pay the production crew who worked on the rapper's music video, which was being shot in the African nation of Tanzania, the lyricist took matters into his own hands…literally. After "beating up the promoter," as one source put it, the country's president and his son had to hide the rapper because the promoter paid off several cops to have him arrested. In addition, when the hip hop artist contacted the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania about the matter, they were told: "The only thing we can do is make sure you're eating good if they lock you up." After nearly three days of playing duck-and-dodge with the promoter and Tanzanian authorities, said rapper was finally able to board a plane back to the States without doing prison time.



    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    What’s up everyone? This is going to be a very short post today. It’s Columbus Day and I am going to take the day off. But first let’s get into the “Hot and Black” report!

    VH1 “Hip Hop Honors”took place on October 7th, 2006. Here are some pictures of the event. Lil Kim is looking horrible as usual. ALL THE PICS FROM THE EVENT

    Rapper Jadakiss was arrested for weapon possession early Saturday after a traffic stop -- his second arrest on gun charges since 2004, authorities said.
    The rapper, whose real name is Jason Phillips, was one of four people inside a car stopped by Yonkers police at 4:25 a.m., said Detective Sgt. Joseph Pietropaolo. Phillips, 31, and the three other men were all charged with criminal possession of a weapon when a loaded handgun was found inside the vehicle, the detective said.FULL STORY

    Looks like the people over at Def Jam are very upset over the Jay’s “Show Me What You Got” internet leak. Millions
    of fans have been downloading the song feverishly since its leak on Friday. I for one thought Def Jam allowed the leak, but I guess not. Folks you better get your download now while I have it up, because I might get a cease and desist notice any moment. Def Jam has launched a internet investigation in fear that someone might leak the entire album on the internet, which would cost the record label MILLIONS!! FULL STORY

    Looks like Knowles Inc. is trying to market to the children now as Matthew Knowles has created a hip-hop album for toddlers. Kid's Rap Radio, Volumes 1 & 2, due November 21, features cleaned-up lyrics rapped by kids. I think this could be a good idea, but I would have to hear it first. I don’t think toddlers care about hip-hop do you? Aren’t they only interested in Barney, and Sesame Street?FULL STORY

    We have all heard about Cristal not particularly caring or appreciating the hip-hop dollar. Jay-Z called for a boycott and though rappers are still toasting it up, Nas and Puffy are trying to put together a plan to bring hip-hop its own champagne. Nas recently spoke to ahh.com and said: “I support a boycott if we could come up--like if we put up something, our own champagne. There are tons of vineyards we could get into and buy,"FULL STORY
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