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    By LT Dinwiddie

    Shout out to Sam Jackson for slithering his way to the top, with the number one movie in America. “Snakes On A Plane” sold 15.25 million worth of tickets, ending Will Ferrell's "Talladega Nights" dominance over the box office for two straight weeks. "Snake’s" marks Sam’s 107th film over an amazing 38 year movie career. Most recently, Sam wrapped production on "Home of the Brave", a film co-starring Jessica Biel and 50 Cent which chronicles the struggle of three soldiers returning home after a lengthy tour of duty in Iraq to cope with life after war.
    Jackson has also completed work on" Black Snake Moan", filmed entirely on location in Memphis, with director Craig Brewer
    (“Hustle and Flow”). There, Jackson plays named Lazarus, a blues musician who attempts to cure a character portrayed by Christina Ricci. FULL STORY

    It was the worst American tragedy of our time. We all watched in disbelief as millions of our people were left helpless, and stranded by a horrible natural disaster. What was more disbelieving was to watch our own government stand by and do absolutely nothing. Hurricane Katrina will forever stand out in our minds as the worst tragedy since September 11th, 2001. Though a year has passed, the pain and devastation remains prevalent in our minds, and most importantly the victims of Hurricane Katrina. From the highly populated area of New Orleans, through parts of rural Mississippi, Spike Lee took cameras to the most destroyed parts of our country to engage, educate, and demonstrate how we all still have a tremendous obligation in helping our brothers and sisters through this truly devastating struggle. "When the Levee's Broke", brought to you by HBO, will be premiering this ground breaking documentary Monday, August 21 at 9pm, and all throughout next week.

    I know here on O1LT.COM we talk about celebrities and entertainment news. We" kee kee" it up, and have a great time, but this is more important then any celebrity information that I can bring you. This is about real life. Please take the time to tune in and watch this program. Maybe it will spark something inside you that will make you want to get involved, if you haven't already.

    Acts I and II premiere Monday, August 21 at 9pm (ET/PT), followed by Acts III and IV on Tuesday, August 22 at 9pm. All four acts will be seen Tuesday, Aug. 29 (8:00 p.m.-midnight), the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.MORE INFORMATION SPIKE LEE INTERVIEW

    Last week I just talked about Busta Rhymes getting his Karma’s due, and it seems like his Karma isn't finished with him just yet. We all know about the shootout, and Busta’s lack of cooperation with authorities in providing them with any information (code of the streets). And I am the one who reported that Busta’s “Big Bang” album has failed to be certified gold by the RIAA, well now CNN.com is reporting that Busta Rhymes (Trevor Smith) was arrested this past weekend for assault, though know one is reporting exactly why.
    What is known is that Messages left for Violator Management and for a lawyer who once represented Rhymes were not immediately returned, and police have wanted to interview Rhymes since the February shooting death of one of his bodyguards, Israel Ramirez.
    I will updated you with more information once my sources update me. FULL STORY

    *******THIS JUST IN********

    According to Allhiphop.com and The New York Daily News:

    Police claim Rhymes may have assaulted a concertgoer that allegedly spit on his car, after his performance around 5 p.m shortly after an appearance at Heineken's AmsterJam Festival last night (Aug. 19) on Randalls Island.

    The New York Daily News reports that members of Rhymes' entourage were also arrested and that police used the opportunity to question Rhymes for hours, about the Feb. 5 slaying of his bodyguard Israel Ramirez.FULL STORY


    My girl Lil Kim is always the trend setter. Just days after “unofficially” announcing that she is in fact jumping ship from Atlantic records and is making the move to Interscope records, it would seem that Trina is right on Kim’s heels. According one of my “go-to” sites Allhiphop.com, Slip-N-Slide Records’ rap diva Trina, born Katrina Taylor, has officially cut ties with her distributing label Atlantic Records, and is now searching for a new recording home. Ted Lucas, owner of Trina’s label Slip-N-Slide Records, said that Atlantic was no longer able to assist the rapper in her upcoming endeavors.
    “We decided to look for another label that will be able to promote Trina more effectively, and turn her into an even larger selling artist,” Lucas told AllHipHop.com and added that the "departure was amicable," stating that Atlantic and Trina ended their relationship on positive terms.
    OK I haven’t said this in a long time, but will someone please tell Trina to sit her ass down somewhere. Bottom line Trina can’t sell records. Her last album “The Glamorous Life” hasn’t gone gold yet, and it was released in October 2005. I know what you are all thinking, “neither did Lil Kim’s”, but Lil Kim has an excuse, she was in jail. Trina has lost the effectiveness of marketing herself as the “baddest bitch”. It disappoints me that as talented (OK with Trina I realize that’s a stretch) as these female M.C’s are, they drop the ball when it comes to keeping their name’s on top of the billboard charts. Foxxy can’t do it, Da Brat can’t do it, Jackie-O damn sure can’t do it. The only one who does it, and does it well is Lil Kim. I had heard a rumor from one of my sources that Trina is trying to make the move to Def Jam (allegedly) but there aint no way in hell Jay-Z would let that happen. FULL STORY

    Shout out to Concreteloop for getting pictures of Outkast at their “IdileWild” movie premier and listening party last week. I was invited to go, but I had so much stuff to do that I couldn’t seem to find the time on Thursday to make it happen. Though Angel and I don’t get along for reasons beyond my control, I still wanted to shout her out for posting great pictures.OUTKAST-"IDLEWILD" PICTURES

    If you cant already tell, I LOVE youtube.com. With my crazy schedule and even crazier deadlines, I don’t get a chance to watch a lot of TV. Youtube.com allows me the comfort in knowing that if my TIVO missed it, then someone’s DVR didn’t, and whatever I am looking for will show up on that amazing site.
    Justin Timberlake recently sat down with MTV’S John Norris to discuss his new album ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’. I missed the premiere of if on television, but good ole youtube didnt let me down. Here are the most interesting parts of that interview. Though this is the “Hot and Black” site many will agree that Justin has been “grandfathered” into our culture. His music is hot, and his talent does put in the remembrance of Michael Jackson. Justin’s new album comes out on September 12, 2006.

    In Related News

    Justin Timberlake was on top of the world in 2002, but secretly he was miserable…Puleezzz, I hate it when celebrities complain about being celebrities. I’d take their life over my own any day. FULL STORY

    Everyone had to see this coming; Beyonce has written a letter to Vibe.com, setting the record “straight” about the “Ring The Alarm” single, and video. If you aren’t aware there has been a little controversy over her latest aggressive, energetic single. With lyrics like:

    She go be rockin’ chinchilla coats
    If I let you go
    She gone have the house by the coast
    If I let you go
    She go take everything I own
    If I let you go
    I can’t let you go
    Damned if I go

    She gone rock them VVS stones
    If I let you go
    In the 'Bach or the Rolls
    If I let you go
    She gonna profit everything I taught
    If I let you go
    I can’t let you go
    Damned if let you go

    Ring the alarm
    I been going too long
    But I’ll be damned if I see another chick on your arm

    It’s rumored that the new single and video is aimed at Def Jam recording artist Rhianna over allegations (by whom I don’t know-mediatakeout.com but you didnt hear that from me) that she is cheating with Beyonce’s hip hop beau Jay-Z.

    The letter to vibe of course didn’t directly address the rumors or allegations, but she is proud of the video, and Vibe plans on clearing up the pressing issues when they interview her in the next few weeks. When I know, you’ll know! FULL STORY

    In Related News

    Say it isn’t so? Beyonce’s new album “B-Day” which is being released on September 5th is getting bad reviews?? According to FoxNews.com that’s what the word is. “Imagine if Whitney Houston never had Clive Davis steering her career for those first few important image-defining albums. The result would have been Beyonce Knowles ’ new "B'Day,"…Ouch! FULL STORY

    I don’t understand how anyone can put Beyoncé and Janet in the same breath. No matter how successful Beyoncé is, she still has a long way to go to be considered a legend. Janet Jackson consistently makes great music, and not only great, but she has been a top album seller for 20 years. I will say it again, 20 years. Even if Beyoncé were to win the Academy award for her role in Dreamgirls, she still wouldn’t be able to be in Janet’s league. Comparing Beyoncé to Janet is like comparing Christina to Mariah, or Justin to Michael you can’t do it!! Janet has earned the respect and success, while Beyoncé is trying to earn it. Beyonce is talented and all of that, but she is still wet behind the years compared to Janet (Mrs. Jackson if your Nasty). FULL STORY

    Janet’s second single has been released. The new track “So Excited” features Khia. If you don’t remember, this was the song that Khia was supposedly upset over and wanted people to boycott Janets album. Khia had gotten word from someone that the song was being cut from the album, and she was apparently pisssed, but as you can hear she is very much apart of the project. I don’t have an opinion of the song yet. I have to hear the actual CD version of it.
    FULL STORY (Thanks Sandra Rose)

    Random Thought...

    Am I the only person who thinks MTV’S Video Music Award show is the biggest joke on television? MTV doesn’t even play videos anymore. I can’t say that I watch much MTV since the “OC” has taken over. From “Laguna Beach”, to “The Hills”, even “Cassie”, “Ocean Drive” and “The Real World”, the channel that I would watch at least 12 hours out of the day when I was younger, has lost me. The station is called Music Television, but they’ve some how along the way forgotten all about the music part.

    Despite leaving Aftermath, though some would say he was kicked out, Chuck Taylor’s (The Game) manager says that Dr. Dre and The Game's relationship is stronger then ever, though I doubt that highly. Jimmy Rosemond who is The Game’s manager says:

    "If you look at the history and that's what people tend not to do a lot of times... is game on Geffen? Has he left Aftermath? You just gotta look at the history of Dr. Dre and when you look at the history of Dr. Dre you'll see that every artist that Dr. Dre had, there was a time where he allowed them to blossom and move on," Rosemond told SOHH.com. "This isn't Game leaving Aftermath. This isn't 50 [Cent] making him leave or so on and so forth. This is strictly the history of Dre allowing his artist to blossom. And what it is, it's just a Black Wall Street/Geffen thing. It's his opportunity to shine on his own."

    I don’t know it all sounds like a little to fake to me. At this point the only thing that will make me believe that everything is really OK with The Game and Aftermath would be for Dr. Dre to publicly put it on the record in some MTV Exclusive interview, and even then I would only half believe it.FULL STORY

    Puffy makes his singing debut on his new album “Press Play”. How lame can Puff get? Is that supposed to attract you to by the album, because its acting as a deterrent for me. FULL STORY

    Radio Personality Fatman Scoop, aka Big Colorado, is set to release his first solo album and a syndicated/joint venture/talk radio/television show with his wife.
    Scoop's debut album titled, In The Club Vol. 1, is set to drop early 2007 on his own AV8FM record label. The album includes guest appearances by Ying Yang Twins, Elephant Man, Youngbloods, MOP and many more. FULL STORY

    Initially I was all ready for the new season of “Flavor of Love” but after watching two episodes I can’t say that I am interested anymore. It’s just too much. These girls, and you have to call them just that because no respectable women would stoop so low to get on TV or to find a man. From the sh*t seen around the world, to the cat fights over basically nothing, I can’t be apart of this nonsense. The first season was great. The girls didn’t go as far as these girls have so quickly. To be honest I can’t think of anything from last season that was as raunchy as what this season’s girls have demonstrated so far. I’m over it! I got better things to do with my time.

    Oh course you realize that I say this now, but I could easily be sucked in at anytime. Hey, it is what it is!!FLAVOR OF LOVE



    What happened to Monica?

    Written By LT. Dinwiddie

    Monica Arnold burst onto the music scene in 1995 with her smash hit singles “Don’t Take It Personal (Just One of Those Days)” and “Before You Walk out My Life”. She was an instant success garnering huge record sales, she was on the cover of numerous magazines, and recieved praise from such musical legends like Whitney Houston, Chaka Kahn, and Gladys Knight. At the tender age of 14 when Monica’s first single dropped her voice proved to be flawless. Sh
    e demonstrated right from the start that she was a powerhouse with poise, grace and a deep sense of maturity way beyond her years. One of the things that made Monica stand out was her soulful and full-grown vocal ability. Her first album “Ms. Thang” was a major success selling over 3 million copies.

    Monica’s mainstream success was boosted in 1997 with the hit single “For You I Will” from the Space Jam Soundtrack. The following year, "The Boy Is Mine," Monica's duet with Brandy and the first single off of both of their sophomore albums, became the biggest hit of the summer and the biggest hit of 1998 in general in America, spending a total of 13 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart and garnering multi-platinum sales of the single. To date, it re
    mains as one of the top ten most successful American singles in history based on Billboard chart success.

    With Monica’s consistent success the stage seemed to be set for her to become
    to the new Whitney Houston. The one thing Monica had over Brandy, Aaliyah. and other female R&B singers was a timeless voice. With the right songs, and the right marketing, Monica could have gone all the way to the top, but when tragedy struck in Monica’s personal life 2002 (her boyfriend killed himself), she decided to re-record her scrapped album “All Eyez On Me”, and with the help of Kanye West, Missy Elliot, Jazzy Phae, and Jermaine Dupri “After The Storm” was released. The album debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, but sales fell off rapidly, although it was certified gold by the RIAA in honour of selling over 500,000 copies in the United States. Due to a lack of promotional appearances After the Storm saw good success abroad.

    Though Monica gets more mature with age, her career seems to be some what stagnant. Her latest single “Every time The Beat Drops” featuring Dem Franchize Boyz is proving to be more of a flop then a hit. Currently “Every time The Beat Drops” is number 95 on Billboard’s Hot 100, and number 25 on Hip-Hop and R&B. Her newest album “The Making of Me” is set to be released on September 19th 2006, and I hope that she is capable of recapturing the essence and sound we all came to love. While other artists like Beyonce, Christina, and Ciara continue to shine and more importantly sell, Monica seems to have her work cut out for her if she is to regain the momentum of her somewhat stalled career.


    Justin Timberlake is finally discussing the now infamous ”Nipplegate” incident that has blacklisted Janet Jackson from MTV, yet hasn't affected Justins's solo success. If anything it seems to have made him popular then ever. In the new MTV News special “All Eyes on Justin Timberlake,” he addresses the matter, saying: “I’m part of a community that considers themselves artists. And if there was something [more] I could’ve done in her defense, then I would have,” said Timberlake. “But the other half of me thought to myself, ‘Wow, like we still haven’t found the weapons of mass destruction. And everybody cares about this.’”

    The interview is interesting but still a little cowardly seeing he’s waited almost 4 years to talk about it, talk about distancing yourself from a situation. But at least he acknowledges his role in the situation, kind of.FULL STORY

    Puffy, says that he will stick by Cassie even though she had a pretty rocky sales week selling only 100,000 copies of her self titled album. In an industry where you’re here today, gone today, Cassie looks to be just that gone today. As you know album sales drop after the first week, and with Cassie only debuting @ number 4 on the billboard charts, it doesn’t look like she will see gold status. Though Puffy publicly stands by his Bad Boy artist, if you’ve seen Puff on any MTB show then you know it’s going down behind the scenes.

    Can Bad Boy ever come back to be the power house it used to be back in the late 90’s? Will have to wait and see, but it hasn’t looked good for quite some time.FULL STORY

    Is anyone watching Project Runway this season? I’m in and out but one brutha by the name Of Michael is tearing up on the show. His fashions are interesting, and the judges love him, but there seems to be a Raz-B type of mystery around him, can anyone figure out what it is. I’ll give you one hint, it’s the same rumor that surrounds Gal Reynold’s.FULL STORY

    Let me be one of the first to tell everyone that Jennifer Hudson is on her way to becoming a superstar. If you were a fan of season III of American Idol, then you know she can sang, not sing, but sang her a*s off. Jennifer Hudson has the soul sounds of Aretha Franklin, but with a modern classic twist. Her performance in Dream Girls is getting rave reviews, and there is even Oscar buzz, and I know that’s said very lackadaisical these days, but I truly believe this time it could be true. Perez Hilton has seen the movie and says:

    I have saved the best for last.... Jennifer Moth*r F**king Hudson.... this has to be the most unexpected performance I have seen in like years. This is one of those newcomer performances that comes along in a blue moon. Everything the queens came to worship the character of Effie for is beautifully realized by Hudson. She yells, she screams, and she tells Jamie Foxx to shut up (what most of us want to do but haven't plucked up the courage).

    One of the best scenes in the film involves her finding out she has been kicked out of the group, in favour of Bee. She rants, she's practically about ready to punch Beyonce and Jamie Foxx out, and then they abandon her.... and the song comes... yes the song that everyone was wondering "Could she do justice to it?" Well she does and then some. Every word, every note, is so perfectly created it's just thrilling to watch.... this is gonna get her an Oscar nomination. Ironic isn't it? Take that Fantasia.

    The Matrix II has completely destroyed any anticipation that I get for a film, but this movie has me very excited. Jennifer Hudson is another example of going after your dreams and making them happen. God obviously had a plan for her, as he does all of us. Did everyone think she was over since unfairly being voted off American Idol after a show stopping performance of “Weekend in New England”, of course, but though she lost that battle, it looks like Jennifer will win the war!! FULL STORY

    Bennie man to the Gay community: “I’m not homophobic!! The music has simply been misunderstood. When I sing “Well I’m think of a new Jamaica, me come to execute all of the gays,” gay people shouldn’t take it to literally. Uh…Bennie I love the music, especially that song with Janet Jackson, but how are gay people supposed to take that? FULL STORY

    She sure is "something", but what reamins to be seen. First the sh*t seen around the world, and now this.FLAVOR OF LOVE-SOMETHING PHOTO'S

    Terrence Howard to play “Iron Man’s” best friend?FULL STORY

    All hail to the Queen. Lil Kim is in the process of signing on to Interscope Records. In my opinion this is a step up. Interscope knows how to market and promote their artists. It looks like going to jail might have a Martha Stewart affect on Lil Kim. With her reality show “Countdown to Lockdown” renewed for a second season and how this new record deal, things are looking up. Shout out to you Kim, sorry Foxxy. FULL STORY

    BLIND ITEM #1 by Sin-Q

    This black female celebrity tries to come across as a real "Miss Goody Too Shoes" and she also tries to project an persona of innocence. In reality: A sex tape exists of her and a member of a very popular male group. On the tape, she appears to be a sex starved wildcat. Her craving seems insatiable on celluloid. She is seen getting her freak on with aerobic type moves. Her co-star brings the tape out on rare occasions to share with male friends.

    BLIND ITEM #2: by Algiers

    Back in the 1980's, this black celebrity couple was treated like royalty in black Hollywood circles. Behind closed doors: They had a pimp/prostitute type of relationship. The husband latched on to her early on. He filled her head with big Hollywood dreams, they would soon marry and relocate to Los Angeles. He piggybacked off her success and made questionable decisions regarding her career, when she objected, he beat her into submission, never leaving bruises on her face. He even tried to negotiate a deal behind her back with an adult distributor to shoot a sex tape of them (without her knowledge) when she found out about it, she finally left him.

    Thanks Myra


    Let me tell you all how much I have missed talking, reporting, and bringing you what’s “Hot and Black” in urban entertainment. But I tell you, I wouldn’t rest until I figured it out. Something was going on with the HTML, but I obviously fixed it. Since I’ve been gone LiL Wayne got arrested at the Twelve Hotel here in Atlanta, Lyfe Jennings and Christina Aguilera’s albums have been released. Kanye has gotten engaged and Star Jones got dropped from Payless. Let’s get caught up…..

    That’s right you all, the song that I’ve been told WILL NOT be Beyonce’s second single “Ring The Alarm”, is out and the Video is HOT!!! I love the Basic Instinct theme its got going on, plus there is a bald head horse running around Houston…Either way its alot better then that damn "Deja Vu".

    Music of Black Origin or MOBO Awards is being dominated by the vocal powerhouse that is Beyonce. She will be heading across the pond where her nominations include: Best Song, Best Video, and Best R&B Act. The walking definition of bootylicious will compete against Mary J. Blige and Nelly Furtado for Best International Female Artist.FULL STORY

    Damn the Rock is Bigger and Better….This is what I’m striving for people!!FULL STORY

    O.K. I’m sure by now everyone has heard that LiL Wayne got arrested in Atlanta on Monday at the Twelve Hotel, in Atlantic Station for drug possession. Dwayne Micheal Carter (Lil Wayne) reportedly had 160.00 worth of marijuana and was in illegal possession of prescription drugs. In my opinion this isn’t a crime, they need to go ahead and legalize marijuana already. These bogus arrests are getting really old.FULL STORY

    Keith Boykin interviews Daryl Stephens (Noah) from Noah’s Arc. To be honest I didn’t even get a chance to read it. But Keith almost never disappoints, so check it out.FULL STORY

    I can speak from personal experience, I hate it when celebrities try and dictate to you what they will or will not talk about in an interview, especially when they are trying to promote themselves and garner publicity. Vivica A. Fox is no exception as Tonya Pendleton from BET tried to interview her recently. What’s the first thing you think about when you think of Vivica? All her damn plastic surgery, I mean it’s so obvious that you can’t help but talk about it. But Mrs. “V” wasn’t having it, and I can’t understand for the life of me why. Her and Star are a trip and that’s why they will always be “C” celebrities. If you’re so embarrassed by it then you shouldn’t have done it Vivica.FULL STORY

    VIBE has done an interview with Bobby to promote his new album coming out in September(I think) FULL INTERVIEW

    Airbrushing is everybody's friend on this damn cover. These girls look nothing like the Flavor of Love!!

    Splaboos(what Michael Jackson calls black people according to court documents) boy I tell you, Puffy got his 11 million dollar necklace stolen on some island. I’m over it. FULL STORY

    Am I the only one who is looking forward to Samuel L. Jackson and his new movie “Snakes On A Plane”?FULL STORY

    One of hip-hop's hottest couples may soon be headed for a rough patch. MediaTakeOut.com has exclusively learned that Kelis, the wife of hip-hop superstar Nas, was acting very single while out on the town recently.

    Since marrying more a year ago, Kelis and Nas have been nearly inseparable. But at a recent party in New York City, Kelis was spotted without her husband - and she seemed to be taking full advantage of the freedom.FULL STORY

    Im feeling the do gooder in Stephon Marbury, my man has released a new tennis shoe that only costs 15.99 for underprivileged children. The groundbreaking sneaker, the Starbury One, is Marbury's attempt at combating the trend toward astonishingly high-priced basketball shoes. The sneaker could easily sale for $70.00-$100.00. Shout out to you Stephon.FULL STORY

    I’ll be dammed; it looks like the south isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Rick Ross’s new album debuted at number one this week on the Billboard charts. Bolstered by the hit single "Hustlin'," Miami rapper Rick Ross' debut album "Port of Miami" bows at the top of The Billboard 200. The Slip-N-Slide/Def Jam effort sold 187,000 copies in the United States last week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. "Port of Miami" also crowns the Top Rap Albums and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums tallies.FULL STORY

    Justin Timberlake recently made a comment about Kanye West's mastery of sampling, after the comment, he tried to backtrack. He said, "Kanye West?" Has he ever had a song that wasn't already a song before he did it? That's a joke, OK?"


    Sorry for the technical difficulties. Sometimes computers can be such a pain in the ass. I am actively working on a solution to the problem!!

    Jenson Atwood from Noah’s Arc is still making the media rounds to promote the second season of the successful show. Recently Jenson sat down to talk with Jawn Murray of Blackvoices.com. The interview was entertaining, insightful, and candid. What’s interesting to me is how much I like this show. I have never seen it until I had to write an article on Noah’s Arc for a magazine last month. Logo sent me the entire first season on DVD, and though the thought of watching a bunch of gay guys in a “Sex In The City” type of show made me a little uncomfortable, after watching it I really enjoyed it. The show centers on four friends living in Los Angeles. Some are looking for love(Noah), others are looking for sex(Ricky), and some are just a mess(Alex). I hope the show gains more momentum and is renewed for a third season.FULL INTERVIEW

    Can somebody please hand Puffy a damn condom, or make sure Kim isnt poking holes in them? After weeks of speculation and rumors that Puffy had added another babies momma to his drama, rumors are now circulating that Kim Porter “Jumpoff Extraordinaire” herself is with child. The Nypost is reporting that Kim is in fact pregnant with her second child. She abstained from drinking any alcohol while in St. Tropez recently, and reportedly wore loose clothing for the Unforgivable photo shoot. Kim must have one mean cat trap, but no matter how many children puff produces, I still see you Diddy. FULL STORY

    The N.Y. Daily news did a interesting comparison of today’s female pop acts listing there accomplishments, failures, and drawbacks. The article discusses everyone from Beyonce to Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, check it out, it’s pretty remarkable.FULL STORY

    Jay-Z is being sued by his interior decorator (I’d assume former by now) for 600K for using similar designs that were used in the 40/40 club in NYC in the new 40/40 club in Atlantic City. Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, is planning to open clubs with similar interiors in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Singapore -- a violation of the club's agreement with Waisbod's design firm, Studio Gaia, the law suit claims The club has a history of non-payment and bounced checks -- stiffing three contractors prior to its opening in 2002 -- and even bounced its check to the State Liquor Authority for a license to sell alcohol, TheSmokingGun.com reported. Full Story

    T.I. is chaneling his inner Puffy, circa 1997 FULL STORY

    There is some Karma in Busta Rhymes “The Big Bang” not reaching gold status yet, because the family of his slain bodyguard, Israel Ramirez, has called his silence "cowardice" and accused the rapper of using Israel Ramirez death as a publicity stunt. According to a published report on http://sohh.com/ , Busta Rhymes hasn’t contacted Iz’s family since July 4th, 2006, nor has he established the scholarship fund that he promised he would for his former security guards children. I hate to say it Busta, “Until you do right by them, everything you think about is going to fail” FULL STORY

    Ja Rule is being sued by some Koreans for not showing up at a concert, do we care?? FULL STORY

    According to my girl Myra Panache Janet Jackson is slamming her ex-husband James DeBarge's family for making up stories about a 'secret child,' because the kid involved is the singer's confused niece. She says, "The real painful thing about this is, they are bringing my niece into it and no one's thinking about her feelings. She calls me about it and says, 'Aunty Janet, it's so stupid. They don't even have the math right. There's no way I could have been your child.' Janet adds, "Everyone would have seen me if I was pregnant." Jackson insists, she has never had a child but would love to become a mother since she's in a steady and loving relationship with Jermaine Dupri. Janet explains, "I had never wanted that in my past relationships, even though my lovers did." Janet is even considering adoption. "I think if it's God's plan for us, it will happen." In Related News: Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri constantly bicker about cleaning up their home because he is the untidiest person she has ever met. Jackson says, "Jermaine is the only child, so everything was done for him. Whatever he takes off, stays where it is. "My parents made us pick up after ourselves. They would make us clean the whole yard, wash clothes, vacuum. I am always picking up after Jermaine. You can always see when he's home because his stuff is everywhere. He has never even made a bed before when we met so he finally made his first bed. Once in a while, he will surprise me by making it."
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