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    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    I don’t why people even bother getting married anymore—what’s the point? Marriage now a days is about as useful as your appendix—It's there but if you have it or not it doesn’t make a difference in your life (did that analogy work?). TMZ.com is reporting that Chris Rock and his lovely wife or should I say “soon to be ex-wife” are divorcing. The couple, married in November of 1996, has two daughters -- 4 year-old Lola and 2 year-old Zahra. Malaak is the Founder and Executive Director of StyleWORKS; a non-profit, full-service salon that provides free services for women leaving welfare and entering the workforce. FULL STORY

    ***Shout out to to my boy over at nahright.com for getting the hottest track right about now--Beyonce with Ghostface Killah "Irreplaceable" LISTEN TO FULL SONG HERE

    It was a party not to miss but, unfortunately I missed it. Wendy Williams held the launch party for her new show on VH1 The Wendy Williams Experience at Club Mood this past Thursday and from what I hear it was a poppin party. Alltheparties.com got some pictures and I added some caption to give them a little something extra. Be sure to tune into The Experience every Friday night @ 11:30 PM e.s.t.

    Speaking of Wendy...

    I found this video on youtube.com-Wendy Williams plays anchor woman for a day. She filled in as a guest anchor on Fox 5 in NYC. She is just big haired and big breated for all of America to see. It's a funny video. All I know is that if Wendy was giving me the hard hitting news every morning, the big hard would make me feel at ease. Listen this particulary story might not make much sense because it's 2:00AM and I am TIRED..Just go to the damn video!

    Way to go Coach.....

    TMZ has learned that a felony warrant has been issued for the arrest of the rapper, (aka Calvin Broadus) after the Orange County District Attorney charged him with one felony count of possession of a deadly weapon.
    According to law enforcement officials, Snoop attempted to walk through an X-ray machine at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Calif. with a 21" collapsible baton packed in his laptop computer case on September 27th. Orange County Sheriffs' deputies were called to the scene where they detained the rapper and confiscated the weapon.FULL STORY

    What a wretched whore—Karine “Superhead” Steffans has confirmed to the National Inquirer that she is in fact pregnant with Bobby Brown’s love child. I listen to the Wendy Williams Experience religiously—so go figure when the one day I miss her show she drops a BOMBSHELL with this story. According to the Queen of All Media, the reported pregnancy may have precipitated Whitney's filing for divorce.

    Will someone please tell Tyra Banks to sit her ass down there some where? I know she wants to be taken seriously as a talk show host, but does a
    nyone really watch Tyra? I guess not—seeing that she has resorted to dressing up as a man Chingy’s hype man (see I told you he’s___). I didn’t watch the show because I have a life. But am I the only one who finds her daytime show and her nighttime—reality model adventure a complete contrast to each other? On one hand she is boosting some fragile girls self esteem, and then on the other her producers of her reality show is zooming in on the girl on girl lip lock it just doesn’t mesh well in my book. I don’t know maybe it’s just me!

    I don’t know who in the hell Kanye West thinks he is, but humility is one of the most IMPORTANT traits to have in life. If you haven’t heard—Kanye West Kanye West unleashed an amazing outburst after failing to take home the gong for 'Best Video' for his 'Touch The Sky' promo at the EMAs.

    Crashing the stage as winners Justice and Simian collected their silverwear for 'We Are Your Friends', the hip hop star spat, "F*ck dis! (My video) cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons and sh*t! If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility. Nothing against you (J&S), but hell man."

    His verbal tirade left audience members gasping but it didn't end there. After the show the offended star continued to vent his spleen in the press conference. He told the world's media he was upset because he had "the best video." "I haven't seen (the Justice and Simian video). Possibly it could have been quite good but no way better than 'Touch The Sky'. "That is complete bullsh*t, I paid a million.

    Obviously it's not all about the money, but the response it got transcended everything, it really made great TV.
    Now I can take a lot from people—but I can’t and won’t support a brutha who steals someone else’s moment over being a poor loser. This situation completely changes who I will listen to his music. FULL STORY

    Its about time Mary J. Blidge released a greatest hits compilation. I don’t know about you, but whenever I have gone through a bad break up—if I put in some MJB it helps the healing process. Isn’t it funny how people used to dog her out claiming she couldn’t sing? No one ever expected Mary to be a driving force in hip-hop and R&B but she conquered all—including some pretty dangerous demons. The new album tentatively Reflections: The Journey, due December 12. Look out for it FULL STORY

    Washington, Nov 3 (ANI): Hollywood action star Wesley Snipes has struck a deal with the Internal Revenue Service authorities that will see him avoid a jail term for allegedly dodging millions of dollars in taxes. The agreement will see Snipes surrendering himself to federal authorities when he next returns to America. In return for agreeing to a payment plan, the actor will not face a jail term, and will be allowed to continue working and to travel abroad. FULL STORY

    If any of you broads believe that 50 cent is looking for love, just ask Vivica A. Fox and I am sure she give you a good warning. The whackest rapper I have ever heard (my opinion) who has made most of his fortune by being a snitch and who is root of all that is evil in hip-hop today has reportedly claimed that he is ready for love. 50 said: "I could have a different woman every month. When you’re successful and well known, women come on to you with the wrong motivation". Nah 50 you come with the wrong damn motivation—damn why am I getting upset as I type this? FULL STORY

    I really like Shreefa! She’s the new artist on Luda’s DTP records. Her first song “I need a Boss “ was just as hot as this one but, unfortunately people didn’t catch on—so she’s trying it again with another Dark Child production. Sidebar Rodney Jerkins is losing a lot of weight and I’m always happy when people can overcome the weight thing, because lawd knows that’s one hell of a demon to conqueror. I do have one gripe though—why does the song’s beat sound like Making The Bands theme song? Or is that just me?



    Myra Panache has a new blind item for us--can you figure out who it is?

    This very pretty and sexy black actress has slept with everyone (male and female) to get breaks in Hollywood. She was determined from the start 'to do whatever it takes to get ahead.'

    Few people outside of Hollywood, know she's bi-sexual. Because of her femininity and sex appeal, no one suspects it.

    I've seen her in action at the Playboy mansion. She is always on the make, staring down pretty girls and propositioning them.

    She has been spotted in compromising positions with women, usually in "The Grotto." The most secluded and romantic area on the grounds of the Playboy Mansion.

    This woman also happens to be married, it is well known that she only married her husband for his Hollywood connections and she has worked more since the marriage.

    Her husband doesn't have a problem with her and other women but she 's not allowed to sleep with men. He was once overheard saying, 'I have to take my wife and her girlfriend out to dinner tonight.'

    This is an accepted situation in Hollywood, the latest trend. Men consider it less threatening and they like the thought of a menage a trois.

    Despite all the sexual encounters, this actress is not well known outside the black community.

    Hint: Her husband is not African-American.


    This had to have been one of the funniest episodes on Martin I have ever seen. In this episode Martin and Gina decide to not have anymore sex in an attempt to determine if their relationship was about more then just physicality. I haven’t seen this episode in a few years, but when I saw it again yesterday--tears were streaming down my face. These two were the best comedic couple on television at the time and it’s a shame they couldn't pull through all their issues to keep the show on the air.

    Check it out.


    By L.T. Dinwiddie
    I’m sure everybody wants to check out this new music show launching on AOL Black Voices called - "The Bridge" - which pairs an established artist with a newcomer in a special performance. For the first episode, five-time Grammy award winner Lionel Richie and rising music sensation Lyfe Jennings sing one of Lionel's all-time best songs "Easy." The performance heats up when Lionel leaves the piano and starts riffing with Lyfe. (This part is amazing). It all takes place in a private recording studio, alongside a full band, with Lionel playing the piano and Lyfe standing by his side. The pair also jammed as Richie performed his chart-topping singles "I Call it Love" and "Why," and Jennings rocked to the hit songs "S.E.X." and "Goodbye."FULL STORY

    What people won’t do for some cash! Perezhilton.com is reporting that Buckwild is selling on eBay the shoe she chucked at New York's head on the Flavor of Love season 2 reunion special She says, "If you want I can autograph it for you. It's Time to Get Buckwild!!!!!!!" And, that's exactly what Flavor Flav is doing!! Though he chose Deelishis to be his bitch on the hit VH1, he's having a baby now with another woman. Who in the hell would buy that shoe? I could understand if it actually made contact with her forhead and then richoeted off of La La(Wouldn't that have been funny) FULL STORY

    I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t see this happening—rumors are swirling over Janet and Jermaine’s relationship. I addressed my feelings towards this when Janet’s album was sinking faster then the “Heart of The Ocean” from Titanic. You don’t mix business with pleasure. It looks like mediatakeout.com is echoing my original sentiments over the issue. According to them "Janet knows that Jermaine's the reason her album didn't sell ... she's not following him anywhere." The source went on, "every album that Janet's done with [Virgin] has gone platinum except the one with [Jermaine] ... you think Janet doesn't know this."

    For the first time in a long time I have to agree with them—Jermaine got a little too big for his britches taking on Damita Jo! What remains of their relationship? Only time will tell!!

    Well isn’t Tisha Campbell calling the kettle black? For Halloween Tisha decided to come to a celebrity Halloween party—as Tyra Banks. Tisha had the nerve to put some prosthetic skin to reflect Tyra’s big fore head. From one big head to another I didnt find it funny. We all remember the head jokes she used to get when she was on Martin—here’s the skit they did on it.

    Not so fast Kim Osorio....

    A judge yesterday lopped off nearly half of the $15.5 million verdict fired-editor Kimberly Osorio won from her ex-bosses at The Source, the bankrupt bible of the hip-hop industry.
    Manhattan Federal Judge Jed Rakoff ruled that the magazine's first female editor was really due about $8 million in damages after a jury found she was wrongfully fired for complaining about sexual harassment on the job.
    Rakoff said he was convinced jurors mistakenly awarded Osorio $4 million each from the magazine and ex-owners David Mays and Raymond (Benzino) Scott for a total of $12million.
    The judge said the total damages against all three should have been $4 million for retaliating against Osorio by canning her last year when she complained about her treatment. "That's [still] a huge verdict on the facts of this case," Rakoff said. FULL STORY

    After winning Best Fight at the Reality Remix "Really Awards," the two ex-"Flavor of Love" ladies were spotted locking lips as New York expressed her love for the woman who once spat in her face on national television. FULL STORY

    SWEET JESUS!!!! Seal’s a face only his mother can love…I was hungry but, I have suddenly lost my appetite! Am I the only one who doesnt find anything funny about men who dress as women?

    According to my girl Myra Panache Eddie Murphy being seen with glamour girl/producer Tracey Edmonds is "not" a publicity stunt. Sources inform us that Eddie is really feeling Tracey, big time! Where does this leave Scary Spice? We don't know but she is definitely pregnant and she may want to fly to Los Angeles if she wants to keep her relationship in check because Tracey is not only pretty, she is also smart.

    I’m sorry but I refuse to let the connection between he and Johnny Gill go!!!


    Shoutout to Nahright.com for the Jay-Z album cover


    The following two women have two things in common. They are both singers and they were both battered by the same man, a professional athlete. One of the women is a solo singer, the other woman sings in a group. At her peak, the solo singer was attracted to this "pretty boy" sports star who has a awesome physique.

    She had no idea that he was abusive, he had never been in trouble with the law and his few endorsements were in tact. They began dating, the abuse started midway into the relationship and it was always unprovoked. He started off with pushes, slaps and then punches.

    She had to back out of a several shows, because her bruises hadn't healed up. She lost out on-much needed money. They would eventually breakup and he would hunt for his next victim.

    He found her, she sung in a group and he met her backstage. They began dating, the first time he pushed her into the wall and punched her in the face, she bolted and he hasn't seen her since.

    Hint #1: The woman who sings in the group is 'NOT' Kelly Rowland. Hint #2: The abuser keeps a low profile but is well known among sports fans.


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    Out of the frying pan and into the gay fire......... I hate to be the to rain on this love puppy parade, but if any of you think that Chingy and Tyra are dating then I am going to recommend you look a little harder at the situation. I won’t say anymore—because I honestly can’t, without calling the man one big flaming Moe. But I am really starting to look at Tyra with the sideways stare. She should know better, especially with her coming from the gayest industry in the world—high fashion! ( I just said didn’t I? Damn!) FULL STORY

    Star isn’t dazed in this picture—she’s just hypnotized by her own dress.

    Now you guys know that I love me some Oprah (who doesn’t) but, I had so much to cover in yesterday’s report that her one thousand dollar debit card giveaway had to wait until today’s report. Oprah Winfrey has famously given members of her audience new cars, paid off their debts and fulfilled their wildest dreams. Now she's given them what she calls the "gift of giving back."

    On a show that aired today, Winfrey gave more than 300 audience members $1,000 debit cards sponsored by the Bank of America to donate to a charitable cause.

    Winfrey called the show her "favorite giveaway ever."

    "I can honestly say that every gift I've ever given has brought at least as much happiness to me as it has to the person I've given it to," the 52-year-old talk-show host said. "That's the feeling I want to pass on to you." FULL STORY

    The information that you are about to read are CD sales estimates. Though my information is preliminary and may be off by a few thousand units--its still pretty damn close if not right on the money!!

    Someone pop the George Vesselle Champagne for John Legend. He made an impressive hit this week on the billboard charts coming in at #2 selling 229,559 copies-- give or take a few thousand. Seeing that John had a completely unimpressive first single (Save Room) and an even more boring second single (Heaven) John has showed us all that a little bit of talent and whole lot of luck pays off in the end. Nah I’m just playing John—Congratulations!!

    True to form—Diddy has slid down the album charts coming in at #7 selling 55,692 (estimated). All that money Atlantic/Bad Boy put into his album with promotion alone was all for not. Diddy is officially over!! Not that—that’s news to anyone.

    Please note that all this information you are about to read came from one of my internet friend in the name of entertainment news—Fresh from Crunk & Disorderly Unfortunately I couldn’t get my computer to play the damn file so this is her report on the “Brandy Brawl”!!

    Things got ugly when Brandy showed up with two of her friends (one a Scientologist, one not) to bible study at First A.M.E. (FAME) in Los Angeles last week.

    Apparently the group of friends had just come from a Scientology meeting and had a bunch of questions challenging Christian principles being taught at the bible study. While Brandy asked a question regarding lust, her friends got into a brawl with members of the church in the back of the sanctuary. Chairs were flying, cuss words were being tossed! Not your typical Wednesday night bible study scene at all.
    Members of the congregation had to break the fight up. It is also reported that Brandy knocked over some chairs on her way out of the building.

    And get this; she isn't even a member of the church! Just ignorant.

    Sonia, come get your child.

    Former Editor-in-Chief of The Source magazine has opened up in a very candid interview with The Village Voice. In the interview she gives her accounts of what happened that lead to her discharge from the magazine. I interviewed former co-owner of said magazine last week in an exclusive interview. READ THAT INTERVIEW HERE I don’t know who is at fault to be honest with you—hell I wasn’t there. It’s just a good thing for everyone involved that it’s over..well at least until the appealing process. FULL STORY

    It’s been almost 15 years since that horrible stampede that left 9 people fatally injured and more then 30 others seriously hurt. It was discovered that organizers had sold 5000 tickets to the game, while the venue could only safely hold about 2700 people. Heavy D, along with Sean “Diddy” Combs who also helped organize the concert, were both found to be negligent in the deaths in 1999. If that wasn’t bad enough Heavy D has taken his insurance company seeking reimbursement for money he has paid to the victims. I personally hate insurance companies. They aren’t worth a damn!! FULL STORY

    The Game's sophomore LP, The Doctor's Advocate, has just leaked, roughly two weeks before it's scheduled to hit stores.
    Songs off the LP began leaking late last week, but the entire album can now be found on various forums across the internet. Despite its title, the album does not feature any production by Dr. Dre, as previously reported. The album, which will mark Game's first effort on his Black Wall Street/Geffen imprint, was initially scheduled to hit stores in September, but was then pushed back to its November release date. FULL STORY

    Since DMX can’t sell records he is attempting to sale merchandise. Allhiphop.com is reporting that DMX is expanding his business career beyond music with the launch of his new clothing lines, the DMX and DMX Signature collections.

    The rapper's line will include designer apparel, footwear, head wear and outerwear.

    According to representatives, the clothing line will border on the "rough edge of hip-hop mixed with the practicality of the no nonsense, no frills clothing that active and rugged men want."

    The line, which features fabrics like denim, leather, cotton and fleece, will be available for purchase at DMX concerts, specialty stores and from various online retail sites. FULL STORY


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    I am so happy that we finally have some hip-hop worth listening to. The Kings of hip-hop are back--Jay-Z has released "Show Me What You Got", and "Lost Ones" and now Nas has released "Hip-Hop Is Dead". I mean lets be honest they arent the best tracks I've ever heard, but its just good to listening to someone other then the Yuong Jeezy, Ludacris, D4L, and T.I.!!


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    As I told you in yesterday's report--it went down on the "Flavor of Love Reunion Special". There were endless chicken heads serving some serious body blows. While I watched the show I couldnt help but feel slightly disgusted and saddened at how low some people will go for their 15 minutes of fame. But it still made for GREAT TV!!! Check the video out!


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    Are Micheal Elay and Ciara a couple? I don’t know all the details yet but I like it!! I can see them more as of a couple then I could see her and Bow Wow. There isn’t anything wrong with Bow Wow but, when I would seem them as a couple something about them just didn’t make sense to me. Maybe it was the extreme height difference? I don’t know—but either way I like it. FULL STORY

    You know what? Damn that Rick Fox—how are you going to leave that supple, sensual, beautiful woman Vanessa Willimas—the mother of your children for a rail thin, pasty skinned Sharon Stone, are you f*ing kidding me? Tmz.com is reporting that according to their extremely reliable sources Sharon Stone and Rick Fox are in fact a couple. The whole idea just turns my stomach! Damn you Rick..and Vanessa if you need some consoling, holla at ya man! FULL STORY

    I’ve finally found The Wendy Williams Experience on the internet and DAMN was it a struggle. If I had to tell to how many websites I had to search to bring this to you all –you’re lucky I love you like cooked food. If you watched the show this Friday @ 11:30 then you saw it was going DOWN between Charlamagne and Andrew Dice Clay. They were going at it for at least 60 seconds which on television is long time. Wendy (true to form) sat back and let it go down until she looked bored and stepped in to get the interview over. I am telling you all do not sleep on this show, its perfect “gangsta TV” right before you go out for the night to get into trouble. Try to watch this clip quickly because I am sure I will get a cease and desist letter from the powers that be over at VH1!

    We haven’t heard from Sam Jackson in a minute and when we hear from him he’s talking the same ole sh*t. In a recent interview with Playboy magazine, Sam is still expressing his distain for rappers who decide they want to act.
    "I have this thing about acting being a craft, something some of us spent time learning to do," Jackson tells Playboy magazine in its December issue.
    "When they ask me to validate the career of somebody who comes from another venue by co-starring in a film with him, the No. 1 insult is to say this other person is the actual star of the film."
    The man has a point but he has already expressed his views on this topic before. Get over it Sam! FULL STORY

    Ladies you better listen up, fellas you too—you would hate for this to happen to your chest (women) or your balls (men). FULL STORY

    Friend in my head Jawn Murray is reporting in the BV Buzz that Johnny Gill is the proud father of a new bouncing baby boy. His new son is 5 months old and lives in his hometown of Washington, D.C. I don’t care if Johnny has a thousand children he’s not fooling me! Everything about this news story is as suspicious as Star “Damn” Jones husband (make the connection). What—you know you’re thinking it too! FULL STORY

    One of the things I have had to learn about becoming a writer is to remain objective. There are times when I fail miserably but today I am not going to. Bobby Valentino’s new video has been released and though I have had my personal issues with the Webster of DTP I can’t hate on his new single, its good! I personally feel that’s when you know you got something hot—because no matter how much somebody wants to hate on you—they just can’t.

    When I first heard “Don’t Turn the Page” on the radio I didn’t know who was singing it and I instantly starting moving my lips to the chorus. It definitely reflects Bobby’s growth as a vocalist. Good job Bobby!!

    Well look who's come back from the dead—neo soul artist Maxwell. At the height of his popularity Maxwell abruptly disappeared. The word orginally was that he was working on a trilogy album but when nothing seemed surface, we as his fans have moved on. I won't even begin to go into details about what the steets are saying about the alternative singer. In away I am excited and still somewhat interested in his music but, a small part of me doesn’t really care.

    Whether you’re a fan or not—his talent is unparallel and it’s my opinion that his absence has allowed artists like John Legend to have a singing career. "Black Summer's Night" will be Maxwell's first release since 2001's "Now," which has sold 1.7 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan and spawned the singles "Lifetime," "This Wom
    an's Work" and "Get To Know Ya." FULL STORY

    Oh Lawd Irv Gotti has been given a reality show on VH1. After being investigated for three years by the federal government on charges of money laundering and acquitted, rap mogul Irv Gotti is now attempting a comeback with his label The Inc while also juggling his responsibilities as a husband and father. My verdict isn’t on this idea yet. It actually might be “must see TV”. I will keep you posted as I learn more about it!

    It’s time for another BillBoard/O1LT CD sales report to see who’s buying Bentleys and who’s buying Kia’s!!!

    Will Puffy’s new album Press Play remain in the top ten this week? My sources say don’t count on it. After coming in at number one with a disappoint 176K sold, this week it looks like nobody’s “Pressing Play” on Diddy’s musical project. I don’t care how much of spin his people are going to try and put on it—that’s a flop!

    Can you believe that after ten weeks on the charts Christina Aguilera new album Back To Basics has yet to go platinum? She hasn’t even gone gold!! I guess I wasn’t the only who wasn’t feel the 30-40’s inspired music.

    I’m sorry but I get very upset when everybody gets on Janet’s a*s for not selling albums when there a lot of other top-tier artists that aren’t selling albums either. Def-Jam’s southern golden boy Ludacris hasn’t brought a gold or platinum album yet. And that’s after they under minded Janet’s CD sales by dropping his Release Therapy album sales price to $6.99.

    I can’t talk about CD sales without talking about my girl Janet Jackson. Janet has fallen from number 2 on billboard—all the way down to number 28 in only 4 weeks. Though I hate to say it Janet’s over! You people just can’t absorb her anymore—and I say you people because I bought her album, I actually brought two.

    If I had to think of which artists has it the worse right now and is probably feeling the most pressure (don’t fool yourself she is)—is Snap Music queen herself Monica Arnold. After a making a tiny splash on the charts 3 weeks ago coming in at number 8, The Making of Me has plunged all the way down to number 48. That album fell faster the Nick Cannon could fall to his knees at board meeting (read between the lines).

    Look out for more CD information in Wednesday’s Billboard/O1LT report! FULL CHART LISTINGS

    My boy freezefiyah over at hhnlive.com put me on to this video. It's Dame Dash running off at the mouth about the demise of Rocafella Records. Listen--did what went down between the top moguls seem shady on Jay-Z's part? Yes! Does it look like money, power, and respect trumped their friendship? Yes! Is time for Dame to move on and stop bitchin about it ? HELL YES!!!


    Myra Panache has a blind item, can you figure it out?

    A year ago, I attended a hip-hop function on the East Coast. One particular rapper was loudly proclaiming how he keeps his bit**es in line. He described verbal abuse, beatdowns and humiliation. It was disgusting. He went on to say, he gets tips from watching "Forced Sex" movies which are basically films featuring women brutally raped and degraded. This rapper left a very bad taste in my mouth.

    Earlier this year, I met a woman who once dated him. Over time, I expected her to open up about the verbal and physical abuse she must have suffered at the hands of this rapper. I was shocked when she informed me, that his tough guy-woman hating-persona is all an "act." She went on to say, he works overtime trying to come off hard.

    In reality, she said he is one of the sweetest and nicest guys she ever dated. She also revealed, he was tender and attentive.

    She added, when they argued, he usually left the house and he never raised a hand to hit her. He also bought her a car, took her on trips and paid the rent on her condo. She even showed me some of the poems he had written her.

    She described him as being a real giver and not a taker.

    This rapper seems to have the whole world fooled in regards to his image.

    Hints: He has been in the rap game for a minute. It's not Snoop or Dre.


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    Well it’s finally happened—the pictures of former America’s Top Model Tocarra have surfaced. Guess which salacious site has brought them to the masses—none other then mediatakeout.com. Word broke out about Tocarra being photographed topless for quite some time now, but finally they have been posted. Rumor has it that Tocarra was dropped by Lane Bryant (or was it Ashley Stewart?) over these photo’s.

    Lets hope these pictures don’t get in the way of her career…oops I forgot they seemed to already have. If you’ve watched VH1’s Celebrity Paranormal then you’ve seen the “fabulous” model exhausting her fifth teen minutes of fame. FULL STORY

    Speaking of VH1.......

    As you know I am a die hard Wendy Williams fan. I just love all the buffoonery and high-octane entertainment of her show. From celebrity gossip, to advice hour and my particular favorite—the hour of truth, Wendy has mastered the balance of dishing out all the celebrity dirt from a uniquely engaging prospective. Her new show on VH1 debuted on October 20th and while her premiere episode was lackluster, she came out hard last night. I was truly entertained!! Check out an all new episode this Friday November 3rd @ 11:30 pm. FULL STORY

    I bet you 5.00 that John Legend will fall victim to the "Sophomore Jinx"!! His singles arent commerical at all and I dont like it!!CHECK OUT HIS NEW VIDEO HERE!

    Is Whitney Houston cleaning up her act? That’s what perezhilton.com is reporting. They have snagged three recent photos of the former majestic singing sensation. She’s looking good—I can’t deny it. But, let’s just see if her voice sounds as good as she looks. FULL STORY

    I am starting to look at Naomi the same way I used to look at Foxxy Brown—with utter disgust. With all that money why does she feel that she needs to show her ass every chance she gets. We as black people (and I’m assuming all of you guys are mostly black right?) can’t say that white people/police are always out to get us—because this chick has served a few body blows and have yet to get in any serious trouble.FULL STORY

    Once a Diva always a Diva right? Mariah Carey seemed to have rubbed promoters the wrong way while in Hong Kong recently to promote her almost two year old album The Emancipation of MiMi. Apparently her Diva demands were too much for the promoter. According to the Daily News spy, the singer “was making demands like Streisand," calling for special spring water, furniture, lighting, and armed escorts. I have witnessed first hand how outrageous Mariah can be. But I don’t hate on her demands because Barbara Streisand, Toni Braxton, Cher, Janet Jackson, even Beyoncé Knowles also have outrageous requests. FULL STORY

    Eminem celebrated the two year anniversary of "Shade 45," his Sirius Satellite Radio station, by appearing on the channel this week and dropping some bombs.
    In addition to reconfirming (as has been previously reported) that he's had sexual relations with Mariah Carey and Brittany Murphy, the rapper also revealed that he's screwed both Tara Reid AND Britney Spears (presumably not at the same time).
    No word yet from either of the ladies' camps. FULL STORY

    This is apparently a response from Jermaine Dupri over his recent ousting (although he claims resignation) over at Virgin Records

    what up yall long time no talk as you probly herd i been goin to war with virgin over the lack of there paticipation and promotion on 20yo at the sametime workin on the new bowwow album if you go to his my space you can see the makin for all of you askin ?s about the rumors jus no i dont play games when it comes to my music i did'nt get in the buisness for the bullshit and politics nore do i ever wanna be in the company of people that dont no what there doin but other than all that everything is good i jus finshed the johnta album make sure yall pick that up dec 26 im havin my anual holloween costume party this sat its gonna be poppin uma post photos so yall can see and next month the bet hiphop awards are here in atl so u no uma shut the city down like i always do haaaaaaaa

    First off I can’t help but notice all the typo’s on this message. Usually when a message has typo’s particularly internet messages, you have to look at it with a sideways stare. I personally don’t believe it, but we will see.

    I don’t know why I am even reporting this story. I know most of you don’t know who the hell Cheri Dennis is—hell I only mildly know who she is. The good people over at vibe.com have posted a story on Dennis, check it out!

    Hold your head, fellas. We hear that the sexy Cheri Dennis, who dropped an album this year on Bad Boy, is into licky, not sticky. Is this another baseless, mean spirited gay rumor about a celebrity, which seems to hit the net every week and a half? C'mon, now - we don't play that at VC! This story comes straight (pun!) from a friend of VC who Cheri tried picking up at two music industry events. A call to Cherri's camp confirmed that the singer goes to gay clubs and lives the lifestyle pretty openly.

    This is the trailer for the new hip-hop documentary DEATH OR DISHONOR. I got an advanced copy of this DVD and watched it this weekend.

    Growing up in central New Jersey the street life wasn’t a stranger to me. Though I never directly participated in any illegal situations—I did have associates, dare I say it friends who were drug dealers. One of the main reasons why I never involved myself/they didnt involve me in anything shady was because I don't have the strength to endure jail. Call me weak--whatever! I just always knew that if I ever got caught up in anything illegal the minute the police would mention the word "jail" I would be sing like a canary. Snitchin was something you just didn’t do. Snitchin is and was viewed as a bigger offense then the crime. When I heard about this DVD I knew that I had to see it.

    Death or Dishonor is an engulfing documentary that takes a look at the Stop Snitchin’movement that is rapidly growing within the hip-hop community. Many of the biggest hip-hop stars like Fat Joe, The Game, JadaKiss, Ja Rule, Young Jeezy, LiL Cease, Swizz Beats, and Suge Knight got involved in this project to explain the rules of the streets. Death or Dishonesty is a gritty and street-savvy documentary that I hope you take the time to watch. It is so serious there is even a website STOPSNITCHING.COM

    Nas new song "Hip-Hop is Dead" has dropped. You can listen to a sample of it here. Its kinda hot-- I like the electric guitar he's got on the track.

    I have never reported on Nicole Richie and her eating issues because I personally don’t care. But, it seems that a lot of you do—so I am talk about it a little bit. First off “it is what it is”—She obviously has an eating disorder (my opinion) and for her to claim otherwise is ridiculous. Nicole has recently has checked into a treatment facility to address her inability to gain weight, her publicist said Thursday. FULL STORY

    Am I the only one who feels that Jay-Z is losing a lot of creditability over Beyoncé? From the million dollar Bentley, to Beyoncé being sloshed while in London as Jay-Z looked on. And now it’s getting even more out of control with Beyonce performing by Jay-Z’s side while in Australia—though you couldn’t see her face because she was covered in a hoodie and bandanna.

    It is also being reported by Cindy Adams of the New York Post’s gossip section “Page Six” that Jay-Z has purchased his lady a two million dollar painting. For a couple who never wants to talk about their relationship publicly it looks they don’t have to. But, I tell you now—there is going to be a Jay-Z/Beyoncé backlash just you wait and see. I can smell it in the air. FULL STORY

    Happy Halloween......

    If you could find out your exact time of death would you want to know? I have found this website that will take your personal information like age, weight, smoker or non smoker– it will calculate your information and tell you exact day and time of death. Lets just say for argument sakes this site could provide accurate information regarding your exact day and time you are to die—what purpose would that serve? Check it out if you want but, it’s kind of creepy.FULL STORY
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