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    O1LT: You’re also a writer for Hip-Hop Weekly right?

    Wendy: Yes I am.

    O1LT: Where is that magazine? People have been inquiring to me about it?

    Wendy: Well ask Charlamagne there he goes right there.

    Charlamage enters the room.

    Charlmagne where is Hip-Hop Weekly? First off of all why don’t we have a copy in this very office? I was just thinking about that earlier today!


    Wendy: Once it becomes an actual weekly it will be mass marketed. The thing is, from O magazine to Honey Magazine, they all start out bi-monthly. In this magazine’s case they are bi-weekly but, they will be weekly so it’s great to be apart of this magazine.

    O1LT: I actually interviewed Dave Mays recently and he told me you would be bringing celebrity gossip and interesting perspective in a weekly column. How is that column going to differ from your current column in Life & Style?

    : Life & Style had that very same question. When they heard that I had gotten involved with this magazine. They got on the phone and called Kevin but we put everyone at ease. Listen — I’m not talking about Britney Spears in HHW. I wouldn’t do that to the hip-hop nation. By the same token I’m not talking about DMX in Life &Style either.

    O1LT: Since you mentioned Britney Spears, what do you think about her recent announcement that she is divorcing Kevin Federline?

    Wendy: I’m glad! Good for her. She is still young enough to reinvent her life. If she wants to get married again she is young enough still do that. She’s had her two kids, you know what I mean. She needs to lose the weight because that’s what’s required of a pop star. She needs to get her hair together whether it’s the color or the length. If she needs a little plastic surgery — get it — don’t be embarrassed! Get it and come back hotter then you were with that snake around your neck, and that sexy costume from “Slave for You”, because that’s the Britney that everybody loves!

    O1LT: A lot of your fans aren’t happy with Charlamagne—what’s your take on the negative feedback he is receiving?

    Wendy: I mean you know no disrespect to the fans but—so?? I like him, I like Charlamagne and I have wanted for a long time to get someone else in on the show because, sometimes your sitting and talking, your talking to yourself—and mind you I have the crazy ability to where I can talk to myself through a microphone and everything but, I like the idea of talking with people or with somebody.

    I don’t like the idea of doing a morning show, and you usually only get that kind of conversation from a morning show. It’s not that I can’t do a morning show because I can — I can wake up at 3am and be just a bright as I am at 2pm in the afternoon. But any chance of doing a morning show prior to really solidifying my position in this game by virtue of me being back in NYC — listen I did a morning show in Philly on Power 99 called the “The Dream Team Morning Show”. It was led by men that weren’t qualified to hold my bags. But they refused to call it the Wendy Williams Morning Show. The sexism was absolutely rampant! Oh sure, now you want to give me a morning show — everybody wants me to be on in the morning and do the “Wendy Williams Experience” in the morning. But, back then I couldn’t get so much as an ounce of respect to call it the Wendy Williams Show.

    But, what did I like about doing the morning show, with those two bag handlers, was I liked I having people to talk with. Even if it’s me leading the conversation and I prefer it that way. Not for nothing, but at this point in my career if your going to lead me you’ve got to show me that you are qualified by virtue of your experience, your check book, yes — I said it, and your qualifications. I celebrate 20 years in this—what can you show me? I am a leader in this and don’t call it a just “black thing”, which is something that insults me; I’m a leader — show me a white girl who is doing this. What I like about Charlamagne is that he comes to the table with what I need. I don’t have time to concentrate on every freaking story going on in every alley with every Papoose, who with all do respect, I don’t give a shit. But, the hip-hop nation cares and I think of myself as having to be some things to a lot of people. I’ve got to tell the hip-hop nation what the hell happened to Papoose in the alley.

    But I also have to talk about Britney and I have to talk about Denzel and Paulette. But I also have to talk about Fat Joe. So, while I’m still very in touch with the hip-hop nation. I don’t have time to get the underbelly of the story — and that’s where Charlamage comes in, and he’s fun to talk to. I don’t need somebody who is in their 30’s and 40’s because I can do that. What I need is someone who is in their 20’s with a younger person’s perspective. Now when he turns 30, he’s out and I’ll have to replace him with a 20 year old. Bada Bum!

    O1LT: So I understand that you have a new movie in the works, I have also heard that its coming to big screen is that true?

    : Well my husband/Manager doesn’t like me to talk about it but, yes it’s coming to the big screen.

    Wendy’s movie, based on her life, will be distributed by Lions Gate.

    : Wendy I want to thank you for your time. It’s was an honor to speak with you today.

    Wendy: Thank you LT

    With the departure of beloved sidekick and producer Artie, Wendy has taken on a country cousin by the name of Charlamagne Tha God whose southern draw has made him an instant standout. Though opinions continue to be mixed Wendy, stands in Charlamagne’s corner and will quickly and without hesitation defend her choice to have him apart of her show(s) no matter who disagrees.

    O1LT: Where does Charlamagne Tha God come from?

    CTG: Charlemagne was a Roman Emperor who was a great warrior that had a high respect for religion and education and what’s he went about spreading. I came across that name because when I used to hustle on the block you never give your real name, so I used to call myself Charles or Charlie. When I was attending night school and was reading history books , I saw that it was this brother named Charles the Great, well his name was Charlemagne which was derived from Charles the Great. So I decided to start calling myself Charlamagne. After studying it deeper and starting to come into my own as far as studying Islam and getting educational level up — I liked what he stood for—which was going around and spreading education. But, he also a great warrior plus the name of his empire was the Carolingians empire so it all added up to me. And the God part came from studying Islam because you learn that the God is the wise man of the east. So I’m basically calling myself what I am.

    : Seeing that you are a spiritual person do you ever have any spiritual conflict being on the “Wendy Williams Experience”?

    CTG: Not at all! And the only reason why I don’t is because at the end of the day I’m me, and I'm always true to myself. I tell people to not judge me by words and lip service but, by actions and deeds. A lot of times you have to hide the medicine in the candy. You need a vehicle like this show to get a bigger and broader message out. Anybody who wants to know what Charlamagne Tha God is all about need only to go to my website or my myspace page (www.myspace.com/cthagod). If you go to my website you can see an interview with Minister Farrakhan, if you go to my myspace page you’ll see things that I have written. You need that to bridge the gap. There shouldn’t be any conflict between God in anything, no matter what it is. At the end of the day God is the creator of everything. I feel that everything is derived from him whether, it’s positive or negative. I don’t think this show—the “how you doin”— show is negative. That’s not for me to make that call. I’m just here to be Charlamagne The God.

    O1LT: Do you feel that you are being negatively portrayed on the show? A lot of people think that you hate gay people or that you’re disrespectful for calling people Donkey’s what’s your take on the negative feed back?

    CTG: I’m the same dude on and off the air. On the show we might go from talking about politics to what’s going in the streets and that’s the way that it is. I’m well versed in a lot of things. I don’t know why people think I hate gays — I don’t know where that comes from. If that’s the case then I hate R&B singers and I hate rappers. I’m opinionated person who has an opinion on everything.

    O1LT: I have a friend who pointed out one reason why some may think that you’re homophobic. You were recently invited to attend an event hosted by Next Magazine, which is a Gay publication, and on live radio you were eminently against the idea of attending. Wendy actually chastised you for being so against going. People took that as a way of you being or showing homophobia.

    CTG: LT, I am a heterosexual man. Why would I want to be at a party full of Gay men? It’s not my speed. In NYC men are aggressive — they hit on you. It’s just like women who don’t want to go to a club where men disrespect them by slapping them on their ass, why would I want to put myself in that situation — I avoid the conflict. The first dude who ever hired me in radio was a Gay man and we would go out and drink together, and hang out all the time. I started out in promotions and he was the Promotions Director. I worked directly under him all the time so I don’t know where people get that from—it’s simply not true.

    O1LT: How do you feel about the negative feedback?

    CTG: LT, somebody has to be the bad guy. Iyanla Van Zandt had a quote that said “In order for me to gain proper understanding of myself, I have to realize that everything that comes at me, has a direct reflection of everything that’s in me.” I’m a very opinionated person. There are a lot of things that I don’t like about this industry. I voice my opinions so if it’s artists that come up there or listeners on the radio I’m not afraid to speak about what I like or don’t like, so how can I be mad at somebody for speaking up about what they like or don’t like. Nobody likes to interview anybody anymore. Everything has to be so politically correct. Nobody likes potentially dangerous rhetoric—they want to shut that up. So, for me personally life is like the movies, somebody’s got to be the bad guy and I’m not going to stop being who I am because people don’t like me. Or because they have hate petitions online, to be honest I love it! Hate spreads faster then love that’s why I keep hearing my name everywhere.

    O1LT: How has your transition been moving here to NYC?

    CTG: New York is a different beast. Coming from South Carolina it’s a culture shock. It’s so many things that are accepted here that I don’t think are accepted any other place. People’s morals and vales are kind of different. People are very superficial, little things like manners are out the window in this city. You open doors for women and they don’t want you opening the door for them because they feel like your trying to flirt or hit on them, when I’m just being polite. Where I’m from I was raised to say “yes ma’am”, and “no ma’am”. Here if someone is lost and asks for directions they brush you off saying —“ask the train director”!! There is no southern hospitality but, I’m not going to let that change who I am.
    O1LT: Where do you see yourself in that next 5 years? If Wendy decides tomorrow to give it all up, would you step in her place as host of “The Experience”

    CTG: You got to understand something; this right here is a great opportunity. You don’t see nobody in any field embrace like Wendy has to me. I always compare it to Eminem and 50 — Eminem is the biggest rapper in the world. He grabbed somebody who people thought was controversial, the industry didn’t want to deal with, and who many thought was bad news. A lot of people didn’t like his vision but, it panned out for him. I think Wendy putting me on say’s a lot about her, as far as her being secure in herself. She’s more man then a lot of these men because there are these Program Directors that are dudes and DJ’s that are dudes that fight to keep me out of their radio stations — and hate the fact that I am in the position that I am in right now. In the next 5 years I am just trying to reach my full potential as a black man. I just want to do everything that GOD has planned for me.

    O1LT: So if Wendy left the show would you stand her place and carry on the show?

    CTG: Well first of all WBLS ain’t having it because they can’t stand me. I’m sure it will be something that will develop from this — I would hope so. Look at Miss Jones from Star and BucWild’s show.

    Another one of the many faces of “The Experience” is Producer extraordinaire Tarin Donatein. Tarin has been working with Wendy for years and was recently offered the position that would change anyone’s ordinary life. Tarin’s bubbly personality and sweet demeanor could make anyone feel comfortable in her presence. But beneath her exterior lies a career driven business woman who wants one day for her creativity to shine more then it already does. She’s smart, hardworking, and is extremely dynamic. I was equally interested in having a quick sit down with her— as she knows the operations of the show.

    O1LT: What have you brought to the table to continually make this show popular?

    Tarin: Hard work! Even though — “it is what it is”— as Wendy says, I try to make sure it runs like a well oiled machine. Me and Treff Hollywood just stay grinding to make this show run smoothly.

    O1LT: I know that you replaced Artie. Did you feel any pressure filling his position?

    Tarin: Well I didn’t feel any pressure on the personality side because Wendy told me from day one that I would be doing all the producer stuff and to not worry about the personality side because Artie — please Artie was Artie. As far as the producing side I did feel pressure for the opportunity period! I mean this is Wendy Williams but it’s all good now.

    O1LT: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years with this show?

    Tarin: I see myself staying with Wendy as her producer. I see myself growing with her and hopefully doing a bunch of other different stuff in the industry. I have other stuff that I want to do.

    O1LT: Like what?

    : I write songs and I like producing. I also like to do entertainment corresponding. I’ve done that for Wendy, you know red carpets and stuff like that. So I hope that show grows but, I also hope I grow as an individual as well.

    O1LT: Thank you so much Tarin

    Tarin: Your very welcome LT!


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    So much for taking the day off...

    We’ve all heard the AIDS rumors about former “Flavor of Love” winner Hoopz. Roughly two months ago word spread quickly around the internet that Hoopz had tested positive for HIV. I even reported on it and actually came to her defense mainly because the information was posted on a non creditable website. But it seems that this particular rumor won’t go away and now a new one has been spreading like wild fire.

    Did Hoopz confess all and confirm her HIV status to XXL magazine?

    She claims "no", but only time will tell. Hoopz decided to put all the rumor(s) to rest today by calling into Atlanta’s “People Station” – Frank and Wanda Morning Show. She spoke candidly about all the drama that has seemed to follow her since leaving the show. But when question about the HIV rumor, she really didn’t answer it. I don’t want anyone to think that HIV is a laughing matter because it isn’t. But with all the hoopla surrounding this chick you really have to investigate all the information and come to your own conclusion.

    But can someone please sign her up for speech classes. She is so hood in her delivery, how in the hell does she expect to get acting roles and truly capatilize on her fleeting 15 minutes of fame? Or is her time all already up?

    Thanks to Nina B.@v103 for the hook up!







    I don’t know how I missed this but better late then never right? Ciara will be receiving the key to the city tomorrow, October 19th, 2006. I am trying to get access for you guys I will keep you posted! Thanks to Sandra Rose (friend in my head) for the information:

    Grammy Winning Music Superstar CIARA returns to her high school stomping grounds and joins Riverdale Mayor, The Honorable Phaedra Graham and 4th District Councilperson, Kenny Ruffin and the students of Riverdale High School.

    Ciara will be presented with the key to the city of Riverdale on Thursday, October 19, 2006 by Councilperson, Kenny Ruffin and Mayor Phaedra Graham in celebration of the inspiration and sense of accomplishment she has imparted to the students of Riverdale High School, her alma mater, through her visits and giving back to the community.

    Ciara, on the eve of turning 21 (October 25, 2006) and releasing her second album, Ciara: The Evolution (due out December 5, 2006), rose to stardom at age 16 when she was signed to a record deal and released her 3x platinum debut, Goodies, which spawned three #1 singles. SANDRA ROSE


    Say what you will, but hot is hot. Coko-Tea is a hot chick. If you want to see the full picture unedited - click the picture.
    Thanks to Sandra Rose for the picture.


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    O1LT.com Billboard Report.

    I don’t know what’s going with CD sales this fourth quarter but things just aren’t looking good right now for any musical artist. Everyone has been hard on Janet and Beyonce for not selling albums but if you take a really long look at the billboard charts you will see that CD sales are way down from this time last year, roughly 3.5%.

    Lloyd Banks sophomore album bowed in at number 3 this week selling 143,000. You and I both know that traditionally albums start to dramatically decline after the initial release week. Christina Aguilera who we all know belts on all her songs from beginning to end hasn’t gone platinum yet and she has been on the charts for almost two months now. Pioneering hip-hop duo Outkast can just forget about “IdleWild” because it’s not happening. That album has also failed to bring them a platinum plaque. While we can expect for Puffy to bring a boost to the charts next week with his reportedly last album Press Play. To what extent his impact will be is still up in the air. All in all it’s not a good time to be dropping albums.

    Am I the only one who misses old MTV? I remember I would run home from school and sit in front of the TV all night watching “Yo MTV Raps” and “MTV Sports”. Back in the day when VJ’s like Bill Belamy and Idalis rocked that station and brought us all the hottest videos. Now when I watch MTV I have no connection to it. It’s become so commercial and they never play any damn videos anymore I don’t even watch the MTV Music Awards anymore, what’s the point?

    But it seems that the ever evolving station has focused on enhancing their website. They’ve launched a new MTV.com. It’s a sleek and much more interactive website. I just thought I would inform those who didn’t know.

    Beyonce is talking "DreamGirls" FULL STORY

    Speaking of Beyoncé…

    It is my belief that Beyoncé herself is going to seriously turn a lot of people off of the "DreamGirls" movie. She is in a very delicate place in her career because a lot of people are Beyoncéd out. For the past 5 years she has been in the fore front without giving us a "B" break! It was hot in the begining how she played up the whole “Diana Ross” controversy by keeping Destiny’s Child restricted to just Kelly, her and Michelle, but its painfully clear that people are over her. From the clothing line, to the cosmetic ads, even the many magazine ads, it’s just all too much. The fact that her album is doing so bad mirrors what I’m saying. The kids don’t care about good music anymore so nobody can argue- "well her album was garbage” because that doesn’t matter these days.

    It’s being reported that Beyoncé will have the first single off of the "DreamGirls" soundtrack titled “Listen”. I personally feel that this a big mistake. The first single should be “And Your Going to Love Me” sung by Miss Jennifer Hudson. That song is the serialization of DreamGirls, Many have an affinity for that song and I think it would be better for the project and Beyonce if she just fell back from this for a moment. She could single handedly ruin this movie by being overexposed. B you can't do it all!

    OK I am not sure if this qualifies as being “Hot and Black”, but Diana Ross has a new song out. I know what your thinking – “who cares” right? But you never know, she might have some fans out there. FULL STORY

    OK I know this is the “Hot and Black” report but dammit I like Justin Timberlake. That white boy can put it down on stage, and though I am partial to my black people doing their thing, you can’t deny Justin’s talent. Check the live performance above!!

    It’s the end of an era people. That’s right the couple that brought us all crazy, salacious, and scandalous buffoonery is officially over!! Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from her self proclaimed” King of R&B” and dead beat daddy husband Bobby Brown. I have to admit I am going to miss them. Being Bobby Brown was the best reality show on television. Maybe he and Superhead can keep it going so we can still have more to talk about. FULL STORY

    Talk about being “busted”!! Former Apprentice contestant Omarosa has obviously had some help to make her “A” cups double D’s. Did she really think that her enhancement would go unnoticed? I don’t think so! FULL STORY

    We’ve got yet another white actor vying for a photo op with some African kids. This is really getting out of hand! I've counted 6 white actors so far. Have you all heard that Britney Spears and Wynona Judd are looking to adopt black children. What in the hell is going on. On one hand you have to admire anyone who is willing to adopt period, let alone a child from another race, but on the other something about it just doesn’t sit right with me. FULL STORY

    Michael Jackson is accusing his former attorneys of conspiring to put him into involuntary bankruptcy.

    In papers filed on Aug. 29 in Tarzana, Calif., but unseen until now, Jackson accuses former attorneys Ayscough & Marar of “approaching other lawyers” who represented Jackson “in an effort to get such lawyers to join [with them] in forcing Jackson into involuntary bankruptcy …”

    Jackson also claims in the papers that Brent Ayscough — the attorney who unsuccessfully represented him in a lawsuit brought by former partner Marc Schaffel — threatened to expose confidential information about Jackson to the press, violated rules of professional conduct and committed both negligence and malpractice. FULL STORY

    It’s only a matter of time before “big brother” swoops down on internet land. In case you haven’t heard FBI Director Robert Mueller on Tuesday called on Internet service providers to record their customers' online activities, a move that anticipates a fierce debate over privacy and law enforcement in Washington next year.

    "Terrorists coordinate their plans cloaked in the anonymity of the Internet, as do violent sexual predators prowling chat rooms," Mueller said in a speech at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Boston. FULL STORY

    VH1 knows how to ride a show until the wheels fall off. If you’re like me and are already feening for some more Flavor of Love nonsense well VH1 is about to oblige us. The new show will feature girls from both Flavor of Love 1 and Flavor of Love 2. Producers are hoping to throw the girls in a "fish out of water" type situation. I have heard different concepts.

    The first concept is that the girls will be put on a farm or ranch like The Simple Life. The girls would then compete in who is the best cowgirl on the farm or ranch.

    The second concept is a "My Fair Lady" type show. The girls will be enrolled in a charm school and will compete to be the finest lady. FULL STORY
    Fellas (and some females) is this sexy? Guess who has the hairiest legs in Hollywood. Click the hairy legs.

    Talk about adding insult to injury, just one day after being shot in NYC, Fabulous has been charged with 5 counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Cops found two loaded guns in the car that was rushing him to the hospital. FULL STORY

    Rose Rock, the mother of comedian Chris Rock, claims she was racially discriminated against when she was seated but ignored for a half hour at a Cracker Barrel restaurant along the South Carolina coast. Rock said Tuesday she planned to sue the Lebanon, Tennessee-based company. A Cracker Barrel spokeswoman said the restaurant chain was investigating and taking the complaint "very seriously." FULL STORY


    Myra Panache has a bind item for us, can you figure it out?

    It's sad when everyone 'but you' realizes you are a 'has been.' This southern rapper is living way above his means, with his fancy cars and expensive crib. He walks around with bravado, acting hard and tough when he is an absolute joke. A source who works in finance has informed us that this hip-hop star has written several bounced checks and his credit cards are completely maxed out and his credit rating is very low. He lives off record company advances and he is in big debt to his label. He will never be able to break even. He wants to be perceived as a ladies man so bad, he pays women (when he has money) to leak stories to the media, proclaiming that he is an insatiable lover with endless staying power.


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    Well it looks like we got Whitney back, but we had to sacrifice Tina Turner. I think thats a fair trade, don't you?

    Thanks to perezhilton.com for the picture



    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    It looks like Ronald Isley is going to have a cellmate. It’s being reported by the good ole folks at TMZ.com, that Wesley Snipes has been indicted on tax fraud allegations. The IRS is accusing the Blade franchise star of failing to pay 12 million dollars in back taxes. When will people learn? You don’t mess with the IRS!! But look on the bright side; at least Mr.Biggs will have a companion to keep him company. People who beat up (allegedly) celebrity A listers will always get whats coming to them. Please tell me you heard about that. I will just say two words "Halle Berry"FULL STORY

    Well Well Well, look who hasn’t been using condoms. It’s being reported that Scary Spice and Eddie Murphy are about to have a little Scary Murphy running around. Scary is reportedly 4 months pregnant with Eddie’s love child. I guess we all really need to back off with the gay rumors shouldn’t we? FULL STORY

    Last night I was involved in a debate with a friend of mine who told me that Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of “And I’m Telling You” doesn’t hold a flame to Jennifer Holliday’s original version. He went on to say that her version was cute, but it was missing that essence that Jennifer Holliday captured when she sang that song so many years ago. Though I thought Jennifer Holiday’s original version was good, I think Jennifer Hudson’s remake is 10 times better. Despite the fact that I couldn’t find the original audio version of “And I’m telling you”, I did find a live performance. Listen to Jennifer circa 1988. Can somebody please settle our dispute?


    This is the DreamGirls movie poster. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this movie. But not for the reason(s) most people think. I am Jennifer Hudson’s biggest supporter. I want to see what she can do on the silver screen.
    While I was searching for Jennifer Holiday’s version of “And I’m Telling You”, I came across this commercial. I thought the Tamyra Gray’s and Mary Blige fans of the world would care to see it. What can I say, its DreamGirls day on O1LT.com today.

    Yesterday it was reported by CNN.com that rapper Fabulous (John Jackson) was shot as he stood in a Manhattan parking garage. Apparently he and his entourage got into a street brawl with another group (a entourage will do it to you every time) The shooting left Fabulous hospitalized and under arrest. I would go on with this story, but “hey” he’s alive so let’s move to other salacious news shall we? FULL STORY

    Who in the hell would let Mike Tyson fight a women? FULL STORY

    I got some Jay-Z video coverage of his recent visit to Africa. VIDEO HERE

    In conjunction with his upcoming release The Doctor's Advocate, West Coast rapper The Game is teaming with Bix.com to recruit help finding eye candy for his next video and talent for his next mixtape.
    The Game's partnership with Bix (the first user generated competition system that allows anyone to create, enter or judge talent) will launch two open casting calls on their website offering a pair of lucky individuals the opportunity to show the hip-hop industry what they're made of. The Game's "Video Girl" contest will land an aspiring dancer in his next video; his "Freestyle Battle" will result in a guest appearance on an upcoming mixtape. FULL STORY

    My internet girl Juicy found a real juicy interview on Deelishis. Check it out.

    BET.com: Your feelings for Flav sound so genuine, yet many viewers can't picture you, or anybody for that matter, having real feelings for him.

    Deelishis: My feelings are genuine, and I really don't care to explain it. People will hopefully see a wonderful outcome and eventually come to see it for themselves. It's real.

    BET.com: How did you feel when you heard Flav tell New York he loved her?

    Deelishis: We recognized he loved her when he wanted her back on the show. He's a person who is easy to love, so it's easy for him to love. When I heard him say that, I was confused. I thought it was the end, but they had history and that love may have been a respect thing.

    BET.com: Did you feel bad for her when she lashed out at Flav?

    Deelishis: No, she was a tad bit extra for me. I never witnessed a true moment for her until that moment. You would never see New York pull her weave behind her ear. That was the only time she was real. She was humiliated.

    BET.com: Were you upset to find out that New York and Flav slept together? MORE INFORMATION




    The Panachereport has posted an interesting story on groupies, Check it out!

    It never ceases to amaze us, the lengths groupies will go to-to meet their favorite celebrities. Last year, we were at a NBA game, when the players were going into the tunnel for halftime, women were hanging from the rails, almost falling as they tried to give their digits to players. Last year at a SF venue, I attended a concert, after the show, I went backstage, there was an attractive woman talking to a security guard, they left together, when they returned, she disappeared with another security guard. I would find out later, she slept with both men in a vacant storage room, so she could gain "all access" to the backstage VIP area. It is not uncommon for a entire bus load of women to be transported back to a mansion, a rappers posse will do a process of elimination by having the women degrade themselves, the winner will get to sleep with the rap star and some women will go through a rappers entire posse to get to him.

    We have been offered big money to supply backstage passes, we have always declined because we know the intentions. These women have no self-esteem and are so desperate, it is pathetic. Some of them are more organized than others. A few of the high end groupies converse and scheme in a 'yahoo groups chat room.' When "Sports Illustrated" did an article on athlete Jermaine O'Neal making $15.2 million in salary endorsements and they listed his cars: Ferrari, Rolls Royce, a Lamborghini, a BMW and a Land Rover, this information was posted on groupie sites.

    We know a particular woman who has slept with two HIV-infected celebrities, her precaution, they wear a condom. She get's paid $10,000 for each encounter. The condom must have broke or had a hole in it. Last we heard, she was HIV positive and she now dates and meets new friends exclusively through the STD dating service: STDfriends.com.

    In another case, a bi-sexual pretty boy dancer who appeared on Soul Train was romancing a older woman with money in the bay area. She was forewarned that he was bi-sexual and he was known for sexual diseases, her response: He is so fine, it's worth the risk, pathetic! He would later die of AIDS, we don't know if she contracted it or not, after his death, she relocated amidst the rumors.

    While researching an upcoming story, a AIDS counselor informed us, some of the infected gay men he counsels during the day are the 'same ones' he sees out at straight clubs, trying to pick up women for sex.

    We have a suggestion. All the effort and research these women put into meeting and sleeping with their favorite stars, why don't they redirect that effort and launch their own business. That way, they have something that actually belongs to them.


    Well it’s finally happened. Someone is attempting to capitalize on the Myspace.com craze by making a Myspace.com BET style. That’s right you all, Minorityspace.com is now available and is the exact mirror of Myspace.com.

    If you think the originator is too commercial or isn’t black enough for you, now you have an alternative. I checked it out today and this new site it’s exactly like Myspace. Check it out, but rumor has it that a big lawsuit is brewing over at myspace over this. Let’s see what happens MYSPACE-BET STYLE

    **You should take a nice long look at the profile because thats me in the pic. Take a good look because I try to keep O1LT.com as non personal as possible.

    Shout out to freezefiyah for the tip.


    By L.T. Dinwiddie
    I know the report is kind of short, but I had alot to do today. I will have a full report tommorrow.

    It seems that Bobby Brown is caught up child support so he can now step foot in Massachusetts without fear of being arrested. FULL STORY

    Jada Pinkett Smith is really embracing her inner rocker chick by the look of these pictures. I know she is in a rock band, but don’t ask me what the name of her band is. I don’t pay attention to rock music like that. But check out her new look! FULL STORY

    Let me tell you all one thing, if you all want to know what’s “hot and black” then you need to come to my site. I wrote about NY from VH1 getting the spinoff of “The Flavorette” months ago. Now the NYPOST is trying to talk about it. I’m telling you now, blogging is the future. We know all the information and we post it immediately constantly scooping large media outlets. FULL STORY

    Damn people love them some Usher. Every since he cancelled his ‘Chicago’ stint as Billy Flynn due to extreme strep throat, fans have been rushing to the box office and demanding their money back. It is said that Usher has cost the producers an estimated 400k. Don’t piss off Usher fans!!

    Puff is planning a world tour, but I have one question- when you have so many featured artists on your album don’t they need to be there too make it work? I know I wouldn’t pay to see puffy on stage by himself. FULL STORY

    People put down your damn pitch forks! I got a lot of emails from people asking me why I hadn’t talked about DMX and the 2 million dollar lawsuit that was filed by his baby’s mother for claiming that she raped him. If you don’t know the story, DMX spoke to Sister2Sister magazine and blah, blah, blah he claimed that he was raped by his baby’s mother. I don’t care about DMX at this point, I have so much news to sift through on a daily basis that some people I feel just aren’t worth talking about. But I am sorry loyal readers here’s the damn information.FULL STORY

    AOL listening party has a lot of albums you can listen to you right now. Diddy, Ruben Studdard, Jo-Jo, check it out.

    More proof that the Whitney Houston comeback album is indeed a go is new word from Billboard magazine that producer DJ Premier is close to signing a deal to produce tracks for the project. The hip hop legend, who produced Christina Aguilera’s current album “Back to Basics,” has already lined up behind-the-boards work for Nas, Amerie and Canibus in the coming months. But it’s the Whitney deal that has Primo the most excited. FULL STORY


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    This is the song and video that is causing a bunch of controversy through out the various rap websites. The song is called "Y’all Should All Get Lynched" by NyOil. The track is heavy but it’s honest and real. Youtube.com banned this video from their site, but there’s no stopping truth from getting out.

    Check it out and tell me what you think. Find out more on rapper NyOil on his myspace page.NYOIL MYSPACE PAGE


    Jay-Z ~ Show Me What You Got



    What did I tell you? Just remember who told you all first-O1LT.COM!!!

    Janet Jackson's boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri, is said to be blaming fellow execs at Virgin Records for the miserable sales of her new CD.

    We hear Dupri has threatened to quit as president of the Virgin Urban division because he feels label chairman Jason Flom and his team didn't market Jackson's album "20 Y.O." correctly.
    The CD's sales plummeted 74% in its second week, dropping from No. 2 to No. 9 on the Nielsen SoundScan chart.

    "Jermaine blames Virgin for not getting it enough radio play — not working it," says an insider.
    In a desperate move to breathe life into "20 Y.O.," a source says Dupri is courting Mariah Carey to have a duet with Jackson on a track that would be added to a new version of the disk — even though some estimate Virgin still hasn't moved about 200,000 of the first batch.
    Dupri has made no secret of his displeasure with the way Virgin handled Jackson's last album, "Damita Jo," telling The New York Times' Lola Ogunnaike, "They didn't push the project."
    Flom has said that was before he came to the label. But another source says, "Jermaine and Jason haven't gotten along from the start."

    Reps for Dupri, Virgin and Carey didn't return calls. But one of Flom's defenders argues, "Jason wants the CD to be a hit as much as anyone, but she didn't have the goods."

    Courtesy of The New York Daily News



    Four members of Danity Kane were injured in a limousine accident Thursday night en route to a performance in Toledo, Ohio.

    According to an accident report filed with the Toledo Police Department, the group members — minus D. Woods, who caught a later flight to Toledo — had just wrapped up an appearance at the 92.5 KISS-FM radio studio. They were heading to their performance at Headliners when the left side of their black Lincoln Town Car was struck by another vehicle at an intersection.

    "Three passengers complained of head pain," the report reads. "Additional limo arrived and transported the three to St. Vincent's [Mercy Medical Center]." A fourth member was also involved in the accident. FULL STORY


    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    I have to address the Janet email that I received and posted in Friday’s report. It seems after a few phone calls and emails, I apparently got duped!! The email wasn’t an actual emal as much as it was a message that was posted on Janet’s message board. I think that O1LT.com has talked about Janet more then enough over the recent months. Will there be a tour? At this point I really don’t know. Apparently Janet’s weak album sales has everything up in the air.

    Has R. Kelly sold his soul to the devil? That’s what it seems like, because his much anticipated child molestation hearing has been pushed back yet again. His hearing was to start on Friday, October 13, (how fitting). While there was no reason offered for the postponement, what is most troubling to me, other then the fact that this damn trial has yet to come to fruition- is how Ronald Isley has already been convicted and is currently serving time for tax evasion, yet we can’t seem to get “The Pide Piper of R&B” into the damn court room. FULL STORY

    Are we honestly going to sit around and let Hollywood tell us as a society that putting Angelina Jolie in black face/white face is acceptable? The movie is already in production so there isn’t anything that can be done now, or so they would like you to think. You can show them (Hollywood) that Angelina portraying a bi-racial woman will not be tolerated by not buying tickets when this film-“A Mighty Heart” hits theaters next year. Even Thandie Newton is shocked at the producers (Brad Pitt's) choice. FULL STORY

    ike two best friends on a shopping date, Oprah and Bono hit North Michigan Avenue Thursday morning, turning heads and stunning fans as they zipped in and out of stores. "So, wow, this is the Magnificent Mile," the U2 frontman marveled to Winfrey as they walked together in a freakish October snow, each clutching packed shopping bags. "Here we come, walking down the street, get the funniest looks from . . ." Bono sang, doing a Monkees impersonation.FULL STORY

    Question, who in the hell would sign with Busta Rhymes Flip Mode Squad? In case you haven’t heard Busta’s come back album The Big Bang is officially a flop. It failed to generate a platinum album, so if he can’t do it for himself, what makes you think he can do it for you. Former Blackstreet member Chauncy Black has signed with the defunct record label.

    His new album Church Boy will be in stores first quarter of 2007. The album is R&B and will have guest appearances from The Game, Young Buck, Rah Digga, Labb, Spliff Star and Busta Rhymes, while Dr. Dre, LT Hutton, Davel "Bo" McKenzie and Teddy Riley handled production of the album. Who the hell is Chauncy, can anyone remember him from Blackstreet? FULL STORY

    Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Katt Williams and Young Jeezy appeared at the Metropolitan Atlanta Chamber of Commerce yesterday (Oct. 12) to announce the nominations for the first-ever BET Hip-Hop Awards show. Atlanta rapper T.I. led all nominees with eight nods, including Video of the Year, Hip-Hop Track of the Year, Hip-Hop MVP of the Year, Lyricist of the Year, Best Live Performance, Best Collaboration, Hip-Hop CD of the Year and Hip-Hop Hustler of the Year categories. Congratulations T.I. FULL STORY

    I’m not even going to make this a black or white thing, but it seems that celebrities are flocking to Africa a lot lately. To me it's becoming noticeably clear that celebrities have found a way to turn one of the world's greatest crisis and turn it into the world's greatest photo op's.

    Every since Mrs. United Nations herself- Angelina Jolie- has decided to use her time and money to get involved with third world issues, it seems everyone is jumping on board. From Madonna to Leonardo Dicarpiro, even Beyonce and Jay-Z are all flocking to the AIDS stricken country to offer support by taking various pictures and looking devastated. I don’t mean to be critical but Africa doesn’t need anymore celebrities vying for photo ops. What they need is education, money and all around assistance.

    Oprah is doing what needs to be done by building schools and educating young people. When Oprah goes to Africa (which happens pretty often) you don’t hear about it because she’s not there for the media attention. She is paving the way for what needs to be done and it is my hope that other celebrites will fall in line, much like Alicia Keys has with all her efforts. I can't stand it when people try and use humanitarian issues just to gain media exposure. If you really cared, you would cut a check and stop with the bullsh*t.

    Published wrtier and blogger extraordinaire Clay Cane did a great piece on his blog about Africa and Madonna. Check it out.WHITE HOLLYWOOD LOVE BLACK PEOPLE

    Justin Timberlake~ 'My Love'

    O1LT.com/Billboard charts review.

    Here is a list of artists who have failed to earn gold or platinum albums according to he billboard charts.

    1. Justin Timberlake = No Platinum album/4 Weeks Billboard charts
    2. Fergie = No Gold album/3 Weeks Billboard charts
    3. Beyonce = No Platinum Album/5 Weeks Billboard charts
    4. Danity Kane = No Gold Album after 7 Weeks on Billboard charts
    5. Christina A. = No Gold Album after 8 Weeks on Billboard charts
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