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    Due to reasons beyond my control I am sorry to report that I will not be contributing music reviews with mediatakeout.com. Late last week I announced that I was going to be their new music critic in an attempt to expand my site traffic by being affiliated with theirs, but after a few days of working together we have both agreed to end the original offer. It seems we had “creative differences” and it just doesn’t look like its going to be a good fit. I want to thank everyone for their emails of congragulations, and shout outs. Special shout out to Myra Pananche of the panachereport.com for all her support and special shout out she gave me on her Thursday report. We will keep doing our thing here, bringing you whats "Hot and Black" in black entertainment.

    When one door closes another one slams in your face, no I’m kidding, I am happy to report that I am now the music critic for SWMUR Radio, a west coast radio station dedicated to hip hop and R&B music. So to all my west coast heads look out for that in the upcoming days. Everyone else can go here to find out more. Also O1LT.com has launched our own music reviews. We kind of did a few in the past as unofficial rants, but now we are going to start doing full fledge reviews about your most favorite artists. There are three along the sidebar. So far we have done Ludacris, Janet Jackson, and Lupe Fiasco. Look out for more very soon.


    L.T. Dinwiddie

    Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges releases his fifth studio album “Release Therapy” on September 26 and I have to admit that I wasn’t all thrilled to review his latest lyrical project. Though I am proud of Ludacris for his accomplishments in the acting realm, musically he seems to be getting less and less original with each album. His first official album “Back for the First Time” in my opinion is a classic, but if you’re a true hip-hop fan then you can’t deny that he’s lost touch with what made him interesting to begin with. He’s lost the hunger he had to make good music.

    His first single “Money Maker” feat. Pharell was completely clichéd, talking about the same things he always does-money, sex, and women. Hip-hop is dying slowly and I expect artists to recharge and reinvent themselves in a genre of music that is becoming stale and boring. Putting it plainly I want to be excited and Ludacris fails miserably with this album. He’s not saying anything that he hasn’t said before. There’s no originality, and it’s very redundant. On a day when other artists like Janet Jackson and Ruben Studdard also have albums on store shelves, I will choose one of their albums rather then this one. “Release Therapy” isn’t even worthy to be a drink coaster.

    My rating system is as follows

    W.B. - Worth Buying
    B.L.-Bootleg It-$5.00
    D.L.-Own it on the Low
    NXT-Next Album Please (Whack!)
    **Disclaimer-B.L (Bootleg) is a metaphor. O1lt.com does not encourage the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted material.

    Track Listing

    1. Warning (Intro)
    2. Grew Up a Screw Up - Ludacris, Young Jeezy
    3. Money Maker - Ludacris, Pharrell
    4. Girls Gone Wild
    5. Ultimate Satisfaction - Field Mob, Ludacris
    6. Mouths to Feed
    7. End of the Night - Ludacris,
    8. Woozy
    9. Tell It Like It Is
    10. War with God
    11. Do Your Time - Ludacris, , Beanie Sigel
    12. Slap
    13. Runaway Love - Mary J. Blige, Ludacris
    14. Freedom of Preach



    BY L.T. Dinwiddie

    I know I told you all that I was going to be to new music critic for mediatakeout.com this week, but they have decided to go with someone else to review Janet’s album. I want to make sure everyone is clear that O1LT.COM has no connection to the current review of Janet’s Album on mediatkeout.com Here is my review for Janet.

    W.B. - Worth Buying
    B.L.-Bootleg It-$5.00
    D.L.-Own it on the Low
    NXT-Next Album Please (Whack!)
    **Disclaimer-B.L.(Bootleg) is a metaphor. O1lt.com does not encourage the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted material.

    Like many of you when I heard Janet Jackson was making another album I thought myself “why bother”? After the infamous nipple gate incident, that has gotten her blacklisted from MTV, I didn’t see a point. But more importantly I didn’t think she could do it. Her last album “Damita Jo” was lack luster to say the least and bombed on Billboard, so I cast Janet on that island of has been’s and looked on to the next artist to rightfully take her place. (Beyoncé maybe)

    But I have to admit she put her foot in this new album “Twenty Years Old”. This new CD is marking Janet’s twenty year career span in the business. The album is definitely retrospective with a modern hip hop enthused twist that is sure to surprise everyone who listens to it. Obviously music has changed a lot since Janet was on top of her game, and with Twenty Years Old, she didn’t miss a beat. She busts open the gate on her new album with her current single “So Excited” feat. Khia. Listen I know her first single “Call on Me” was just OK, hell lets call it what it was it was whack, but when I tell you this new album is going blow you away is an understatement. The minute you hear this CD your going to be surprised that the youngest Jackson, who is still older compared to all the other artists in the current music scene is still here and can still give these chicks a run for their money. Though her brother is certifiably over, Janet still has some bump in her bounce. And might I add what a freak she seems to be with three sexually laced songs “Do It to Me”, “This Body” and “Take Care”. I am “so excited”, no pun intended, to see her on tour. It seems Janet is giving all of us who doubted her the middle finger as she is sure to have yet another number one album up under her belt.

    If you don’t get this album then you’re probably just a hater who is still waiting around for Michael to Return as the King of Pop.


    Track Listing
    20 Y.O Tracklisting:
    1. (Intro) 20

    2. So Excited featuring Khia

    3. Show Me

    4. Get It Out Me

    5. Do It 2 Me

    6. This Body

    7. 20 Part 2 (Interlude)
    8. With U
    9. Call On Me with Nelly

    10. 20 Part 3 (Interlude)

    11. Daybreak

    12. Enjoy

    13. 20 Part 4 (Interlude)

    14. Take Care

    15. Love 2 Love
    16. (Outro) 20 Part 5

    17. Roll With U

    18. Days Go By



    By L.T. Dinwiddie

    Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco’s debut album “Food & Liquor” is arguably one of the most anticipated hip-hop albums of the year. Earlier this year Lupe fell victim to an unfortunate album leak, and has also seen his album get pushed back several times by his record company. Just when it looked like his album was never going to arrive, finally it has.

    “Food and Liquor” lives up to its hype. Executive produced by Jay-Z, Chill, and the Lupe himself, this album shows Lupe’s true talent and diversity that hip-hop is in need of. He is speaking the truth, and it’s refreshing to hear someone in hip-hop talk about things other then cars, girls, and money. With guest appearances from Jill Scott, Matthew Santos, and self proclaimed “best rapper alive” Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco’s newest musical effort is not to be overlooked. His talent is undeniable, and on this album he truly shines.


    My rating system is as follows

    W.B. - Worth Buying
    B.L.-Bootleg It-$5.00
    D.L.-Own it on the Low
    NXT-Next Album Please (Whack!)

    **Disclaimer-B.L.(Bootleg) is a metaphor. O1lt.com does not encourage the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted material.

    Track Listings
    1. Intro
    2. Real
    3. Just Might Be OK
    4. Kick, Push
    5. I Gotcha
    6. Instrumental
    7. He Say She Say
    8. Sunshine
    9. Daydreamin' - Jill Scott
    10. Cool
    11. Hurt Me Soul
    12. Pressure - Jay-Z, ,
    13. American Terrorist
    14. Emperor's Soundtrack
    15. Kick, Push II
    16. Outro


    You know its not a Friday with out Myra Panache's blind items... Have A good Weekend!

    This black female celebrity is "too many people." By day, she has given motivational and inspirational speeches to young black girls regarding self esteem, black empowerment and unity yet she is a lesbian who preys on white women.

    I once witnessed her in action.

    I was on vacation in the Caribbean, locals were buzzing about a celebrity hanging out at a particular beach. When we arrived at the beach, there she was, her blonde lover was lovingly rubbing her back with sun screen, afterwards, they kissed on the lips.

    Our call girl sources inform us, she is a repeat customer at escort agencies across the country and she always requests "blondes only." This woman keeps the sex industry thriving.

    Despite her black empowerment and unity rhetoric during daytime hours, it's interesting that she once gave a few white girlfriends money to invest in businesses yet she is always talking about 'blacks don't invest enough in their own businesses' while she continues to finance white women with businesses, cars, allowances and bling.

    Black strippers have informed us, "this black militant by day" shuns them in favor of white girls. She doesn't even acknowledge their presence but she is known to stuff wads of $100 dollar bills into the g-strings of blonde strippers.

    Some exotic dancers rely on her generosity to pay their bills, they become ecstatic when they find out she's going to be arriving at the club. When she arrives, they surround her.

    We reported last year that this same woman belonged to a "underground lesbian clique of famous black women" but dropped out when they refused to integrate the clique.

    She is also a regular in the VIP section of gentlemen's clubs where she receives lap dances.

    You can find out more great stuff at Panachereport.com



    BY LT Dinwiddie

    It’s the buzz that has been going around the internet since July and at the center of it is arguably the “greatest rapper alive” Jay-Z. Mediatakeout.com ran an exclusive story about Jay-Z and the lengths Mr. Carter went to conceal his mother’s sexuality. It has been reported that his mother Gloria Carter is currently involved in a lesbian relationship. In a industry where ammunition is all a rival rapper needs to try and destroy you, rapper LucyDiamonds seems to be providing all the ammunition anyone would need to try and challenge "Hova". But after reading previous articles I knew there was more information that no one touched on, so O1LT.COM touched on it.

    O1LT: As you and I both know things are not always as they appear and everyone has a motive in everything they do. What’s your motive for airing out arguably the “greatest rapper alive” dirty laundry?

    LUCY: “All dirty laundry needs to be washed and then hung up to dry. Jay-Z has been washed up and now he’s drying out and hanging on a rope. It happens to a lot of artists and musicians as they just become stale and too redundant. You can’t deny his impact on hip-hop, but at the same time, you can’t deny the negative impact he has brought to it. He is what is wrong with hip-hop. He worships the money, fame, fashion and the excessive lifestyle that he talks about in his music. However, that stuff – and that type of hip-hop is played out and thankfully it’s on its way out the door. People don’t want to hear about what you have as far as wealth… People want to know where you stand mentally and spiritually. People want to be able to relate… they don’t want to feel like they are being put down and you’re rubbing crap in their face. Hip-Hop needs another rap act like Public Enemy.”

    O1LT: Just so we are clear, you know for a fact that Jay-Z mother is a lesbian, and that he tried to conceal it?

    LUCY: “I know for a fact that Jay-Z mother is a lesbian and he has tried to conceal it. I’m sure his mother will come out and eventually admit it herself. A lot of people think it is foul that I dissed his mother. But that’s not what it is about… and I didn't diss his mother. I was just being honest when a reporter asked. However, my message isn’t about revenge… God will take care of that. It’s not my place to take revenge… Jay has cost me a lot of opportunities and once I got down with Amil (former Rocafella artist) he got really foul and shady. Amil got a white female rap artist, and then Jay goes and gets one. But check it out, I’m half White, half Filipino, so that needs to be expressed. I’m proud of my roots… But for the record, Amil does NOT support this whole Jay-Z stance I’m taking. She thinks I should not say anything about Jay. Amil is a great person, so I’m sorry if I have upset her, her fans, family and friends. Amil put me on… and I got so much love for her. This is about me."

    O1LT: Bennie Seagel has recently gone public saying that he has proof about Jay-Z being involved in homosexual relations; can you speak on that at all? Is there anything there or is that just speculation and hate?

    LUCY:“I got love for Beans… I’ve heard from people that are close to Jay that he’s had sexual favors from transvestites, and a transvestite once lived with him on the road on one of his past tours. If Jay is gay, he should just be gay and be proud of what he is… But I wasn’t on the road with him, so I don’t know if it’s 100 % true. I do know that he is the real feminine type… He carries a man purse with deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, etc… but ain’t nothing really wrong with that. He’s just a clean guy who cares about his hygiene and likes having a good manicure. Nothing wrong with that really. More men should get manicures and carry man-purses… it’s cute.”

    O1LT: Are you prepared to feel the wrath of Hova?

    LUCY: “The better question is… is Jay-Z prepared to feel the wrath of God? We are living in the final days. He will be held accountable for his blasphemy and his wicked ways. What is he going to do? Battle me? I’m not a battle rapper… I write songs. But don’t get it jagged, I love the battle emcees and I got some emcees in my crew called, Raiders of The Lost Art who will destroy 99% of all the rap acts in the world… signed, or unsigned.”

    O1LT: Are you still making music? Do you hope to have a successful career after this?

    LUCY “I’m still making music and I will have a successful career after this. My career has only really just begun… My debut album, Poor Dream Redemption will come out in the first quarter of next year. I don’t judge success by what car you drive, jewelry, etc. I judge success by what kind of person you are on the inside and how you influence the people who listen to your art. The feedback for my music has been really, really, really good thus far. Hopefully, I’ll touch another emcee that will come in the game and bring some integrity back into hip-hop. So if I only sell one album, then I am still successful…”

    O1LT: In your myspace video you seem to be VERY angry, and you are quoted as saying you “hate” the music business. Why do you hate it?

    LUCY: “I love the music, but I hate the business the way it is right now. But it’s changing… The labels are losing control and they are scrambling like KFC chickens with they head cut off. We, as in the general public took the music from the labels… It’s the people who are breaking the acts now. It’s all about iTunes, myspace, mp3’s, ring tones, youtube, etc. It’s the new digital revolution. This is the new industry and we are going to do it right. We are finally in control.”

    O1LT: Are you currently signed to a record label?

    LUCY: “Yes… I’m currently signed to a label, but for respect for the company that has financed and signed my project, I won’t speak about that. They have nothing to do with this. These are my opinions, views and beliefs and they do not really reflect my record label. However, my record label is the bomb… and they are the hottest label out right now.”

    O1LT: How long have you known Jay-Z?

    LUCY: “About a year and a half… “

    O1LT: Jay-Z is a very influential person in music especially Hip Hop, are you at all concerned with how all this talking might effect you in the long run?

    LUCY: “I’m NOT concerned at all… and why should I be? Jay-Z is only a person. He has no special power. So what he can rhyme well, but what else can he do? He's no Malcolm X or Martin Luther King... Jay-Z has the platform and the followers to really make a difference in a positive way, but he doesn’t… He only cares about himself. He’s not a real leader. He is selling evil and wickedness with his music. Kids think it is cool to sell drugs, rob, murder, and steal because Jay-Z glamorizes that lifestyle in his rhymes. And the kids follow him along… But it’s time for that to change. It’s time for the people to stand up and be leaders, not followers…”

    O1LT: In a previous interview you said “his diamond / Roc-A-Fella sign is really just a triangle, which represents the pyramid; a secret society,” What do you mean by that, can you explain that further?

    LUCY: “When Jay-Z holds up the Rocafella/diamond sign (like how he always does) he is holding up the triangle, which represents the pyramid. Think about his famous signature hand gesture that he is always doing… That is a sign that represents a secret society that is among us right now. The illuminati and secret societies are very real and he is the poster child for his select evil group. I’m telling you, Jay-Z is as close to the anti-christ as we’ve seen in our generation. We are in the final days… and sadly he has sold his soul. And the reason I’m talking about this out in public, (against the advice of my partners) is to expose it and hopefully do something about it. Also, when you speak on these things it puts you in a potentially dangerous situation. And if something were to happen to me… people would know where to look….”

    O1LT: What do you want people to know about you that they don’t already?

    LUCY: “I want people to really get to know me as a person. I’m only 22 and I’m growing everyday… I’ll make some mistakes along the way, but just stay with me… I won’t let you all down. … Check me out at,www.myspace.com/officiallucydiamonds”



    By LT Dinwiddie

    In a major week for new releases, Justin Timberlake's "FutureSex/LoveSounds" (Jive) rises to the top of The Billboard 200 with 684,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It's the artist's first No. 1; his solo debut, "Justified," entered at No. 2 with 439,000 copies in 2002. Is anyone surprised? That album is banging!!!! FULL STORY

    I’ve learned to always look for a motive in everything celebrites do. DMX as you know has had a pretty bad year. He has been in and out of court, his new album on Sony came and went without any hit singles, or a platinum album and his reality television show displayed to the whole world exactly how crazy, or should I say disturbed? Just when you thought the DMX publicity train was coming to halt, he has opened up to the illustrious Jaime Foster Brown, editor of Sister 2 Sister magazine. In the magazine DMX talks about his relationship with his wife and also opens up about a supposedly painful experience dealing with Rape.

    "She raped me," the rapper told S2S editor Jamie Foster Brown. "I mean, you know, that might sound like some bullsh*t. No man has ever been... you know what I mean, like never? Is that the only thing in the world that's not possible?" FULL STORY

    If you watch wrestling particularly WWE then you’re very familiar with former WWE wrestler Orlando Jordan. I personally don’t watch wrestling so I have no idea who he is, but apparently he has had the “bisexual” label follow him every since this picture emerged. After months of speculation the Wrestler has decided to come out of the closet. Although his bisexuality was reportedly old news to his closest friends and family, it was "jaw-dropping" for some of his fans and cause for celebration for others.

    Do you settle a case if your innocent? Yesterday I talked about Ashanti and her lawsuit that was filed by her previous producer Genard Parker. On the stand she testified that she didn’t owe any monies to the Genard, but yesterday Ashanti and her first producer, dropped all litigation Tuesday in a contract dispute, ending a trial that began a day earlier. Just when I was silently paying attention, they go ahead and settle. Damn, it could have been good! FULL STORY

    More to the Bobby and Whitney drama, commenting for the first time about his split from Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown tells PEOPLE, "I'm really saddened by the whole situation." Do you think he is going to request alimony? FULL STORY

    I really don’t trust message boards when it comes to gossip. More often then not, I get emails from people who have seen something on a message board and they quote it as fact. I personally don’t do that, however this particular response posted on Maryluvs.com supposedly by Mary J. Blige’s husband Kendu has responded to all the inquiry about their marriage being on the rocks. If it really is him, all I have to say is where there is smoke there’s always fire!! FULL STORY

    Fergie has slammed the growing number of blogs on the internet - a
    subject she tackles in her song 'Pedestal' on her new album 'The Dutchess'.
    She said: "I just think, 'Wow, I've worked so hard for this, but what are
    you people doing other than sitting there behind your computers and talking
    s**t about people?'
    Not all of us sit on our asses Fergie, Blogging can be VERY hard work, O1LT.COM takes up a lot of my time. When I get a chance to interview you I am going to have to educate you some more on your careless comments. FULL STORY

    I’m speechless…According to meditakeout.com Big Kuntry from Atlanta has infected someone with Chlamydia. I’m telling you this is crazy!! Ladies and some men, y’all better get it together it’s that serious!!

    Speaking of STD’S

    Answers.com is reporting that Hoopz is HIV +. They claim that she recently confessed her status to XXL magazine, and she is claiming that she got it from a rapper. I don’t buy it just yet. I’ll have to privately watch this drama unravel from the sideline.FULL STORY

    Eminem and his estranged wife, Kim Mathers, continued proceedings in their divorce case yesterday (September 18) during a closed hearing, according to the Associated Press. After the hearing, Judge Antonio Viviano announced to the press that the couple would be employing a mediator to settle the dispute, although a date for such a meeting had not yet been set. Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, divorced Kim for the second time in April of 2005 after only 82 days of marriage.FULL STORY


    O.K. Someone needs to teach Beyonce how to master public speaking. This recent interview of her was done in Japan, and I know everyone loves Beyonce, but I personally believe when your an entertainer, you need to have a flow with how you speak and pronounce words. One part in this interview she says "divided attention", when it should be "undivided attention". I'm not hating I am just pointing out the facts...It is what it is, she said it not me.

    Thanks to Sandra Rose


    Myra Panache has another blind item for us. Check it out!!!

    You don't have to be a gospel fan to know who this man is. This famous gospel singer calls homosexuality a sin behind closed doors yet he was in a hushed up scandal involving an underage boy. The information leaked out briefly and then the story mysteriously disappeared. Rumor has it, the boy was paid off and instructed not to go public with the very ugly allegations. This singer continues to use women as "beards" while he's scoping out men on the sly. His favorite hunting ground is his the gospel workshops across the country (where he sometimes make special appearances). He tries to impress impressionable young men with his fame and money.


    Damn that Janet Jackson, just when I counted her out she comes back strong with this hot video. These types of videos are the kind of videos that made us love her from the begining. The dancing is hot, and now that I have a visual for the song, its off the chain. Sometimes all a new song needs is a video to fully appreciate it. I see she still cant keep any damn clothes on, but whatever. This is my pic for O1LT.COM "Hot and Black" video of the week. Check it out!!

    ***Sidebar Janet will be on Oprah on Monday, September 25th.

    Janet Jackson Feat. Khia~ So Excited!

    Well as I live and breathe, Lucy Diamond is speaking out. She is dishing on everything fro
    m Jay-Z’s mother and why she put Jay-z’s mom on blast about being a lesbian. If you haven’t heard Jay-z allegedly had gone out of his way to keep his mothers sexuality under wraps, as to not give any rival MC ammunition against him in a lyrical battle, but Lucy Diamond decided to blow that situation up and though Jay-Z hasn’t publicly acknowledge the speculation of his mothers sexuality, you know behind the scenes it had to have been a show down. She also talks about meditakeout.com . sohh.com Oprah, Hot 97’s Miss Info, and much much more. There is nothing worse then a woman scorned… This is a chick after my own heart. She is dishing everyone’s dirt and has posted it on her myspace profile. I got it here for ya! LUCY DIAMOND PT 1. LUCY DIAMOND PT 2.

    Speaking of Jay-Z...

    Jay Z's Million Dollar Wheels CHECK THEM OUT

    Random Thought...

    I got an overwhelming response to yesterdays “AIDS in Black Hollywood” post (brought to you Myra Panache). Opinions were mixed; some people enjoyed the salacious details and enjoyed trying to guess who the article was talking about. Other responses were angry and accused me of sensationalizing the AIDS epidemic. O1lt.com has been and will be a constant pioneer in how young people talk about HIV and AIDS. I want to inflict fear and hesitation when it comes to sexual relations with other people. Whether you want to admit it or not, alot of people are careless when it comes to sex especially when it comes to celebrities. If someone famous approaches you regarding a sexual situation, how many people have the courage to demand a condom? Hell you know some conniving women actually try to get pregnant in hopes for a better life. If you've seen the Ne-Yo sex pictures that are splashed all over the internet, then you'll see a groupie servicing his manhood, but what you wont see is a condom on his manhood protecting her from any potiential diseases. The fact is a lot of people still think that AIDS is a gay thing, a “down low” thing, or a "civilan" thing, but you’ve got to wake and realize that everyone you have sex with needs to be looked at with the crooked eye celebrity or not!

    I make it a point that when I go out on a date and I think I’m going to bone, that I politely excuse myself to their bathroom turn the water on, as to drown out the sounds of me rummaging through their personal belongings, and I go throw their medicine cabinet, bathroom drawers, and anything that can a pill can fit into. As crazy as you may think it sounds, you need to adapt the same search methods and wear protection so that you can feel a little bit more comfortable about a very high risk act. Call me dramatic, but thats what sex is at this point in society, a HIGH RISK ACT.

    I just wanted to get that out my system, I know celebrity gossip is fun and we all get a kick out of watching the mess that of which is a celebrity, but sometimes we have to take things VERY seriously, and this is one of those situations. Myra Panache and her writers did an amazing service, and if no one commends them for it, let me be the first one to say "Thank you".

    Sidebar for those who emailed me for the names from yesterdays article, come on!!! Do you really think I would tell you???

    Damn that Ashanti, I’m going to sleep as I type this up. If you can remember the ultimately boring, and talentless, self proclaimed "Princess of Hip Hop Soul" Ashanti, then you may or may not want to know that she testified in court recently, I think yesterday, where she is denying that she owes her former producer Genared Parker any money. All I want to know really is when will Ashanti end up on that Island of one hit wonders. Or is she already there? If she thinks that she can be even as half successful as she was, with an almost two year absence, then the people in her camp aren’t being real with her. Your done chick! It takes a lady to know when to leave the stage.FULL STORY

    Dodging retirement rumors, Eminem will spring back into action this winter with "Eminem Presents: The Re-Up," a mixtape disc that will serve as an introduction to new artists from his Shady Records camp. Eminem produced the majority of the tracks, with assistance from the Alchemist, and also raps on a handful of cuts.FULL STORY

    According to vibe.com, Ciara is gearing up to release her new Album “Ciara: The Evolution” due to be released on December 5th, 2006. I personally love Cee Cee, see in my head I feel like I can call her that. Ciara performed at Atlanta’s annual “For Sisters Only” expo and not for nothing she did her thing. I watched her in amazement as she worked the crowd, danced her a*s off and threw that horse hair around like nobody’s business (I’m just playing Ciara). FULL STORY

    Due to the enormous success of his Broadway debut as Billy Flynn in Chicago, singer/actor Usher will extend his run with the musical. Producers Fran and Barry Weissler announced that though Usher was originally set to go through October 1st, he will continue in the show through Sunday, October 14th.FULL STORY

    Can you sue someone over a song that was made 27 years ago? Apparently you can because according to The Associated Press Run DMC is being sued by a rock band called “The Knack” over Tricky song. FULL STORY


    My Internet girl Myra Panache has posted a special report on AIDS in Black Hollywood. If you remember two weeks ago, I posted ABC's Special Report on AIDS in Black America. Groupies male and female adhere my warning, AIDS exists everywhere-including Hollywood.

    by Paris & Ashley.

    We reported last week that an actor infected with HIV was sleeping with women without protection despite his medical condition. If you listened to Wendy Williams yesterday, she gave additional details on the HIV-positive rapper. 'He doesn't let anyone drink behind him and sores cover his private parts that's why he always turns off the lights before sex.' Several years ago, an AIDS infected celebrity made the announcement, "The public would be shocked at how many people in Hollywood are infected with this virus." I can actually think of a dozen off the top of my head: An Latino hearthrob (male) two R&B singers (male) who were once involved, an former white sex symbol, considered a hunk, etc.

    What surprises me, some of these groupies will practice unprotected sex because the man is famous (star struck) or they want to get pregnant. I talked to a groupie last night, she has had bareback sex with several famous rappers, her excuse, 'They pay me more for bareback.' A stripper recently told me, I dated a R&B singer, he told me he loved me, the next time we had sex, he said, if you love me too, you wouldn't insist on a condom. She relented. She had also discounted the bi-sexual rumors regarding this R&B singer (mentioned above) she is now HIV-positive. When she informed him, incredibly, although he infected her, he showed no remorse and hung-up on her. She would sue but he has fallen on hard times, he has no money.
    Some of these celebrities get infected at downlow parties, doing sex tape activity or at Hollywood orgies.

    Due to the 'AIDS cocktail' they show no outward symptoms and continue to look healthy.
    Herpes is also rampant in Black Hollywood. A black director, a legendary soul singer and an NBA superstar are all infected with the virus. The director has infected more than a few women and has quietly settled out of court with them. A friend once told me, her best friend's brother met an gorgeous black women in a bar. He felt honored that she agreed to leave with him. They returned to his apartment and had sex all night. When he awoke in the morning, she was gone. He went to the bathroom, she had written in lipstick across the mirror, "I have AIDS and now you are infected." Single women 'may' actually be safer than married women in regard to AIDS because a lot of single women demand men wear condoms prior to sex whereas a married women is not going to ask her husband (who may be cheating on her) to wear a condom because 'they are married' and that might violate the trust.

    We need to get away from the "superman" mentality and the "invincible" mentality. AIDS is here and it's no joke. Nothing should be worth your life, even love.

    My advice: Before becoming intimate with your partner, both of you should go and get tested, if he or she declines, that should raise a red flag and you should break off the relationship.

    Even if the results are negative, continue to use condoms as an added precaution.
    Wake up people! You have numerous people out there who are "intentionally infecting" others with the AIDS virus and they just don't care.
    Thanks to Myra Panache of the Panachereport.com


    What is it with these damn celebrities taking pictures and posting them on their myspace profiles. Why do they take personal pictures period? The week before last it was Ne-Yo receiving oral sex from a groupie, and now it’s Marques Houston photographing himself on the toilet. I am not even a celebrity and I don’t take any pictures on my cell phone in fear that this exact situation will happen to me. The question is, was this a publicity leak to boost interest in Marques Houston’s new single and album? As of 6 P.M. tonight the picture was taken down from his myspace profile, so only him and the members of his entourage knows the real truth. MARQUES HOUSTON PICTURE

    Author Carmen Bryan, former girlfriend of Nas, who apparently “jumped off” with Jay-Z, (allegedly) the center of their beef, has written a new book/autobiography “Sex Drugs and Hip Hop” Carmen speaks candidly about her entire relationship with Nas. It’s the first part of a two part interview. The interview, brought you by XXL and YouTube.com, was aiight. She really didn’t say anything that was worth talking about, but the fact that she is talking makes you want to check it out anyway.

    It looks like you can’t use Oprah’s image or name on anything even if you are attempting to do something good. The NY Post is reporting that Oprah Winfrey is putting the legal kibosh on a grass-roots campaign to put her in the White House. Her lawyers have ordered Kansas City businessman Patrick Crowe, who has spearheaded the effort for years, to cease and desist using a phone Web site that contains the talk-show queen's name and a toll-free number whose last five digits spell out Oprah. FULL STORY

    If you want to get a sneak listen to a few tracks off of Janet’s new album click here 20 Y.O.ALBUM SNEAK PEAK

    Put on your sideways talk helmets on kids because I have to say something without saying something, if you know what I’m saying and I think you do. People magazine has announced that Carmello Anderson, and LaLa are expecting their first child. All I have to say is that’s going to be one cute baby. You know what they say…FULL STORY


    Is anyone interested in listening to former Ruff Ryders fem fatal Eve? I would have thought that she would have lost all creditability when she starred in that whack ass television series “Eve”. Am I hater, or do I just speak the truth? FULL STORY

    American Idol dropout Mario Vasquez is gearing up to release his debut album on September 26. His first single “Gallery”, which was penned by Ne-Yo, has hit radio. Since I have yet to hear it, and I am sure you all haven’t either, o1lt.com has found the audio that you can check it out here. The song is alright, to be honest it doesn’t stand a chance in the heavy CD fourth quarter where all the record labels release most of their artists to drive sales before the end of the fiscal year. Hopefully Clive Davis will push his album back to the beginning of first quarter 2007. Sidebar, Mario Vasquez recorded “Gallery” in English and their is also a Spanish Version, so why does the Spanish version sound A LOT better? Listen to it, I bet you will agree. FULL STORY

    Random Thought…

    Today I was watching BET’S 106 and Park and I got a chance to really watch the new hosts Terrence and Rocsi. I can’t believe how corny they are. I remember back in the day when we all used to complain about AJ and Free, and then we complained more with Tigga and Juliza, but now I would give anything to see AJ and Free back on stage holding it down. ***AJ and Free discuss the drama with their departure in the new VIBE magazine, check it out!!

    That damn Foxxy Brown talks to Angie Martinez about everything from the full detail regarding her hearing, trial, and all these rumors about her stealing items. I personally am so over Foxxy and all her loseristics choices that she has made over the past two years. I don’t give a damn about her hearing problems, which I personally believe to be false. But if I can bring her words to the masses, then hell I guess I’ve done my job. FOXXY BROWN INTERVIEW


    Random Thought…

    This weekend was one of those weekends where I didn’t have one moment to myself. I spent the entire weekend at Atlanta’s annual “For Sisters Only”, a large trade show where over 300 exhibitors come to sell, display and sample their products to the public. Atlanta’s own V103, a popular radio station was instrumental in the getting the people involved. This year an estimated 26,000 people came out to engage with their favorite On Air Personalities, check out the hottest performances from Ciara, TI, Heather Hedley, Chingy, Tyrese, Rueben Studdard, Monica, JD, and many more, and check out interesting vendor(s) who were selling almost any and everything. This was my second year in attendance and I had a great time just being a fly on the wall. If you’re in Atlanta and you missed it this year, you need to look out for this momentous event next year, and if you’re not in this city, look for something like it in your area. It’s a great family fun time. As you know I am a reporter by nature, and with all the celebrities I was sure something was going to pop off so that I could bring you something salacious, but I have to admit there was nothing to report. It was just a fantastic time.

    Myra Panache has a blind item for us, can you guess who it is?

    This black male singer is so talented with superstar potential but his demons keep holding him back as he continues to struggle with drug abuse and 'closeted' homosexuality. He is so unreliable in regard to his career that promoters are reluctant to book him. His representatives say his depression is so severe, that he's currently having suicidal thoughts.

    Janet Jackson talks to Billboard.com and she doesn’t hold back on any questions asked. Though the questions were very tongue and cheek, it’s still a pretty interesting read. I was over Janet the week before last, but with her new video where she is bringing sexy back (I know, I know that saying has being overused). I am now back on the Janet Train.FULL STORY

    Damn, after three weeks on the Billboard Album Charts Outkast’s “IdleWild” has yet to go gold. The Prohibition-era American South inspired album debuted at number two, and is slowing trickling down the charts with its current position at number 12. This is a first for the extremely successful southern hip hop enthused group. Their last album Speakerboxx/The Love Below was certified diamonds by the RIAA. It’s looking like this album is going to be a flop.FULL CHART

    Shout out to Sandra Rose for bringing the new single from Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown the masses. I heard this single on the radio on Friday. But I have one question, how many show boxes are they going to have Bow Wow stand on when they shoot the video. Chris Brown is 6"1/6"2 and Bow Wow is 5"7/5"8. Its going to be pretty interesting.Shorty Like Mine

    Now you all know I respect Jay-Z alot but that cant get in the way of what I do. This picture is straight up ugly! This is a face only a mother could love. My question is why in the hell would he allow them to publish this picture? I hate to say this, I really do but I got to quote a verse from Nas dis track "Ether" : "When KRS already made an album called Blueprint
    First, Biggie's ya man, then you got the nerve to say that you better than Big
    D*ck suckin lips, whyn't you let the late, great veteran live"(Dont look at me like that,it is what it is!!)

    After conflicting reports that Fat Joe's seventh release Me, Myself & I would drop either independently or through Virgin Records, SOHH has learned that the album will emerge via a mix of independent and major label partners within EMI Music.FULL STORY

    Im so over The Game getting his album pushed back. First it was 6/6/06, then it was 11/07/06 and now it’s being pushed back again to 11/14/07. It’s not looking good at all for The Game. His new single “One Blood” is getting little to no airplay. Does 50 cent have the power to shut The Game down?? I don’t know, but its looking to be that way.FULL STORY

    Can we say scraping the bottom of the endorsement deal barrel? Letoya Jackson is now the spokesperson for “Star Ice” an Australian beer product. All I can say is wow!FULL STORY

    Tyler Perry has opened up in Atlanta Studio for his production deals.FULL STORY

    Damn that Puffy Combs. His CD cover has just been released, and I got to tell you, this is looking to be the biggest bomb of his career. Have you even heard his new single anywhere on radio? I cant even think of the name of the damn song. Lets see if I'm right about this.

    1. Testimonial (Intro)
    2. We Gon’ Make It featuring Jack Knight
    3. I Am (Interlude)
    4. The Future
    5. Come To Me featuring Nicole Scherzinger
    6. Tell Me featuring Christina Aguilera
    7. Wanna Move featuring Big Boi, Ciara and Scar
    8. Diddy Rock featuring Timbaland, Twista and Shawnna
    9. Claim My Place (Interlude)
    10. Everything I Love featuring Nas and Cee-Lo
    11. Special Feeling featuring Mika Lett
    12. Crazy Thang (Interlude)
    13. After Love featuring Keri
    14. Through The Pain (She Told Me) featuring Mario Winans
    15. Thought You Said featuring Brandy
    16. Last Night featuring Keyshia Cole
    17. Makin’ It Hard featuring Mary J. Blige
    18. Partners For Life featuring Jamie Foxx
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